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Fitting In

First, my shameless plug to “like” me on facebook:

Second, the good stuff: So it is not secret I’m a big fan of lululemon.  I mean I briefly worked for them, and it was one of the greatest experiences in my life.  In fact, if I could justify working seven days a week, I’d do it again.  Right now it isn’t a possibility because of Evan, any time I’m not at work or working out I’m going to be spending with him for a while.  We are still getting to know each other 😉

However, if Hector and I were pressed for cash I’d be signing up to be an Educator again in a heartbeat (although it might be difficult to MAKE money haha)  .  There is so much I love about the brand and their culture.  Alas, as always, I have moved off the beaten path.

So back to topic.  I used to be the person who really didn’t care what I wore to the gym, or out for a run.  Throw on the cotton t-shirt and go, right?  Although I still do this time to time when laundry needs to be done, once I discovered technical clothing for working out… I am pretty positive I’ll never be going back.  Beyond wicking sweat away from my body and drying quickly, how I feel when I’m in the clothing helps me in a great workout.  Great workout clothing gives me a little more confidence.  If I LOOK good in what I’m wearing AND the fabric offers zero chafing, quick wicking of the sweat (so I can sweat more!!), and fast drying (so when I cool down and it dries, I can decide if I have more in me to go a little further), I’m as happy as a clam.

I blame my long runs for realizing the importance of good fabric.  Short runs you don’t notice, but when you are doing 9, 10, 12 miles a heavy t-shirt makes a HUGE difference.  Crappy socks?  They gave me blisters.  Seams? Have you hear of chaffing? Yeah it happens when fabric rubs against your skin… I’ve seen some horribly scary blood stained shirts on men in the nipple area AHH! and if your arm lightly glides against fabric for a long enough time… you can totally get little rashes/cuts.  So I have a thing for flat seams on running gear for long runs and a good glide stick 😉

Yoga is a practice I love.  Ask my mom, when I practice regularly, I’m a different person. Calm, centered, even happier. Even though my running gear is important – my yoga gear is MORE important, essential even.  Why?  With those poses the way they are, my pants better not be see through when I stretch and my shirt better not get heavy and flow over my head in class, feel me?  I don’t feel like being in a flow class and adjusting my shirt or pants, it takes away from your practice.  Even in Bikram, as I sweat my a$$ off I don’t want shorts riding up, I need them to stay put so I can keep telling myself “two more seconds in this pose, I CAN do this” Bikram is crazy mental (well for me it is).

So what I’m leading to are my must haves and loves!  **These are MY must haves, and things I love.  It isn’t for everyone of course work with your budget 😉  I was just in Old Navy the other day and LOVED what I was seeing.  People are jumping on the fun workout gear bandwagon!

I mean look at how cute:

Some favorites for running:
lululemon run inspire II crops paired with a cool racerback (great for yoga too!) – for outside running I also LOVE my run:swiftly tech – I have the longsleeve.
under armor – I have cold gear from them and love it – fitted longsleeve mock and frostgear compression tights. (pictured below)
Nike dry fit socks 😉 – yep!  love.

under armor warm gear

Run-inspire crops love these. Power luxtreme? Yes. Please. ❤

lululemon ❤ where dreams come true for a yogi
lucy – I love how they have SALES!
old navy!  New to liking though, I bought a top last season I was not a fan of.

I could put a hundred pictures up here.  I’m a huge fan of the wunder unders and would love to pick up a pair of fun groove pants (Christmas, maybe?) – I know they fit like a dream and are the pants that made lulu.  I don’t own a pair yet, but that is because I’ve been liking crops lately.  I’m also a fan of this top, in this EXACT color scheme… Oh man I’m going to the poor house:


Their No Limits tank in black swan/creamsicle pop.  The color combo is fun, the fit is fantastic and I day dream about downward dog. lol

I’m not saying go out and spend a fortune on good clothes, but I do suggest if you have never worn workout gear, to start.  A couple pieces here and there.  I usually give myself “gifts” – when I master something I “treat” myself.  In fact, if I can master crown pose in the next few weeks – I’m buying the top above.  😉 It gives me a little extra motivation.

But it really is all about feeling good.  If you can totally workout and kick ass in cotton, by all means, do it!  I need that little extra, so this is where some of it comes from.  My new motivation is sleeping in my arms right now.  I need to stay healthy and happy for him.

As a new mom, I can see how you can easily let yourself go, and throw all you have into baby.  I NEVER want this to be me.  If I have to streamline things to get them done, so be it.  I might not be able to wander around the gym and try out a ton of fitness equipment all day anymore, but I can still go and get stuff done.  Go in with a plan, and make sure I knock it out with time to spare for 5 minutes in the steam room for my sanity.  To me looking good when I leave the house for anything – a workout, work, a night out with friends – isn’t about fitting in with anyone else… It is for me.

What is your favorite workout gear?  Some other things I own are pieces by Gap’s athletic line.  I really like their foldover yoga pants for running errands and daily practice at home but NOT for hot yoga.  They have a decent running line and have jumped on the thumbhole bandwagon.  I’m big on thumbholes 😉

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  1. I am a Lucy freak! LOVE Lucy. It is no good that there is one right down the street, across from my Pilates studio! I love it for Pilates and running. I have noticed a lot of the women at my studio also wear Lucy. You know I stocked up recently. I spent way more than I should have. I have a similar top to the one you are going to treat yourself too. It is pink and purple. I just wore it Wednesday to Reformer. I have a few things from Gap too. A couple pairs of running pants I like. My orange running jacket I wore to the Shamrock Shuffle is Gap. It has suited me well. Those are really my two favorite ones. Something about Lucy and Pilates goes well together though. PS I am ready to practice teach Mat! 🙂 Took part in my first teaching of a class yesterday. It was a practice class that my instructor put together with some regulars that were there for TRX/Reformer. I taught 2 moves.

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