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Showered with love


This weekend was our baby shower.  I have been so very excited about it, and it was a magical day.  I have been (wait for it), crazy emotional about it and still am!  It really was just such a special day, and words cannot express how blessed my little family is with such wonderful friends and family. My best friend, Nicole, did a ton of outstanding decorations (see rain clouds, cupcake toppers, banners), made my favorite dish of the day (fruit kabobs!), planned some super cute games and was amazing at helping set things up.  My sister, Nicole, worked so hard on favors, prizes, table decor, planning and making sure my day was special.  My mom, as always, outdid herself.  She spent hours and hours brainstorming, making TONS of goodies, making sure this prego was happy, ordering, organizing, entertaining… She was simply AMAZING.  They all were.  I’m just so sickly blessed and overwhelmed with emotion about it.  Evan, Hector and I are really just the luckiest people around. ❤   

Our shower was really filled with — 

AWESOME decor:  It was to DIE for all and all DIY, so awesome, very me and sooo detailed:







Loads of sweets:




and lots and lots of LOVE:


Hector and I could never express our thanks enough to all the wonderful people in our lives.  We are so excited that Evan gets to grow up surrounded by the most AMAZING people.  He is going to have best buds like Jackson and Jayden, showing him the ropes.  Awesome Aunties (the Nicoles) to spoil him rotten (he isn’t even here yet and he is crazy spoiled) and Uncles to roll in the dirty with, and a Grandma that just might try to steal him away from me. ❤

We are so excited about our future with our super loved little guy.  



  1. It was a great day! You look absolutely FABULOUS!!!! Such a beautiful momma to be. I was honored to be a part of your day. To help with decor and games and yummy food! I loved every second of preparing things for you. You definitely deserved the most perfect baby shower and I think you got it! I can’t wait for baby Evan to be born!!!!! YAY!!!!!

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