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This time last year I was about 31 or 32 weeks pregnant, preparing for my baby shower and discussing pregnancy must haves.  This year I am chatting with one of my best friends about her huge new move and career and watching my other best friend prep for her very own little man all while enjoying every moment I can with my little man that just steals my heart – everyday:



I’m definitely feeling overwhelmed by emotion these days.  I am both beyond grateful and totally in shock with everything that is going on around me.  My son is about to be 10 months old, my best friend’s baby is 2 years old and going to school, and my other love above is really close to the end of her pregnancy… Can time slow down just a bit? (Joanna is the only one saying No to that… but this time next year she will be on the “where is the time going bandwagon”).  This time of the year it is so natural to celebrate motherhood and all of the wonderful, terrifying and crazy things we do because we are moms.  Last year I thought I had a grasp on how much I would love my little guy, after all he couldn’t be closer to me, right?


This was just about a week before I had little Evan, now he is in this big world… it is exciting and terrifying.

Now that Evan is happily here with us, I could not imagine life without him.  He has brought me so much joy.  This Mother’s Day I will celebrate with my own mom, my grandma and my sweet husband and extended family.  Last night I spent with my three main men: Evan, Hector and Oso (not pictured) cuddled on the couch watching a movie – it was perfection:

DSC_0967 DSC_0977 DSC_0999 DSC_1008


I’m so blessed, and so happy and excited to spend the day with people I love.

For the moms,

Happy Mother’s Day… You are all rockstars!

Love, Jen.


Off to Farmer’s Market!  Yippeeee!

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