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A Birth Story – V3

Just a little bit of background.  I am type A.  I’m organized, methodical, have anxiety around messes.  I enjoy agendas, schedules, plans.  I’d like to think I’m calm and easygoing but reality is… I’m not so much.  This is probably one of the reasons pregnancy doesn’t agree with me much.  I do not like body expansion, I do not like being out of control.


37+ weeks

I had a few blog posts half baked:  what’s in the go-bag (delivery bag), how I’m feeling about baby 3, what new things have I gotten for baby 3, etc. I expected these to be pre-baby posts, but spoiler alert – baby 3 came BEFORE I expected him to!

Now for a little history and a couple of things about how my pregnancy was progressing. Evan and Michael were both exactly 41 weeks when they were born.  Evan was high and I showed ZERO signs of progression, I was induced with Evan.  Michael was different, I excitingly showed signs of progression starting around 37 weeks, 1cm, 2cm, 3cm – but he stayed put until 41 weeks when as I went to be induced, I was in early labor.  Both these births were absolutely wonderful.  For this baby, however, he was just like big bro Evan.  Seemed perfectly comfortable hanging out cooking.  At 38 weeks I was checked… No progress.  At 39 weeks I was checked… No progress.  So I didn’t really feel the need to get anything done I absolutely thought I was going to have an August baby, banking on 8/7/2019 which would have likely been the date they would have induced me.

Well, like some things in my life – I was wrong.  On July 29th, I was working from home.  I had logged off after having a pretty productive positive day.  I made a ‘labor cake’ with my kids (I literally didn’t even have a slice), cleaned up the kitchen and waited for my husband to come home.  I took a shower when he got home and laid in bed after.  While watching TV I felt a “pop” it was a weird sensation, not like a kick… I literally thought to myself that was weird.

Some point after that I was like “ok Jen, get up, get dressed” when I got up weird things started happening.  It was like a slight gush down there and for a second I thought I may have peed on myself.  This happened a couple more times, light events and so I went downstairs.  I found Hector cellphone in hand who had just finished dinner, plates still on the table in front of him this is how the conversation went:

Me: “Babe, I think we need to pack our hospital bag.  Not sure what is going on but my water may have broke”
Hector: *sheer panic on his face* “are you serious?” *gets up and runs upstairs*

Hector texts our family text (Mom, Sister, Me) at 9:05 “I think Jen’s water broke” – I polo my friends “I think my water broke” then I called my doctor.  At this point I had zero contractions.  I felt pretty good minus slightly panicked because the bag I had mentally packed wasn’t physically packed – whoops!

Then the chaos began, kids were excited and up, mom and sister rolled up.  I finished sorta packing and got in the car quite anxious.  By this time I knew by water had definitely broke because there as lots of leakage happening.  We get to the hospital and get sent to triage for them to “confirm” that my water broke.   The nurse was nice, and confirmed what we already knew, my water had broke (10:50pm).  They do a test with a swab, if it turns blue it’s amniotic fluid, it turned blue.  My doctor who is absolutely by the book also took a sample to check under he microscope.  In triage they took my blood, hooked me up to an iv and I wanted to walk over to the delivery room.

At about midnight I started Pitocin; at 1am I was 3 centimeters dilated.  1:50am I was really feeling the contractions.  2:45am they checked me I was 8cm. 3am I started feeling a crazy amount of pressure and had Hector get the nurse, I was 9cm. Nurse had to run to wake up the doctor and at 3:27am baby was in my arms:


and just like that our family was a little bit bigger:

IMG_41526lbs 7.5oz and 19 inches bigger to be exact.

Christopher has been hanging on tight to us for 7 weeks and it has honestly been the most magical time.  My whole family couldn’t be more thrilled to have this little love to snuggle and get to know:


The snuggles are truly endless.  Thanks for waiting on this post. ❤


Anywho – this baby showed me my Type A personality can be thrown off big time.  My bag wasn’t perfect, my story was his. ❤ I’ve taken about 10 thousand pictures if you follow me on instagram I post too many there @jen.stays.well and @jenlmvilla

until next time



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