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Thanksgiving Ketchup

Ok there was no Ketchup at thanksgiving I don’t think tomatoes even made an appearance but sugar sure did!  This year we held turkey day at our home.  It was actually super amazing.  Somehow, years ago, I got super lucky and snagged my grandma’s china and silverware so it’s always fun to pull those out and remember her although I don’t ever remember actually using her china… lol 🙂  I also found a super beautiful WHITE table cloth that was hers – so something I was really thankful for was all memories that washed through my soul about my wonderful grandma as I prepped for this year’s meal.

Before I give you the light fun stuff and adorbs pictures of the boys I’d like to give you a brief intro into how special my grandma was to me. Very recently a very good life long friend of mine had her grandmother pass away.  It stirred up ALL THE FEELS.  My soul ached for her and her family (and still does, Jasmine we love you guys!).  Seeing how I have a blog and all – I like to write (no grammar police I’m more of the rambling typing type), I often express myself and I’m surely a talker.  Through my 30 years on this planet I’ve never had a hard time expressing my feelings until the day my grandmother died.  Even the following days, weeks and actual years that have now passed I still cannot comprehend or express how much I miss her.  The only thing that has grown stronger is  how thankful I am that I was able to spend so much time with her.  To say she meant so much to me is an incredible understatement.  She was a wonderful woman.  I have so many fond fond wonderful memories with her.  My son Evan still remembers “gma” and knows she’s in Heaven but I have a constant pit in my stomach knowing Michael never met her.  Someday I’ll gather the courage to write a post thanking her for so many life lessons and recounting some of our most memorable moments but for now I’ll just make mention of her here because I feel like she was really with me on Thanksgiving. ❤

Now onto the light and love that was Thanksgiving 2017.  Last minute rinsing of wine glasses and mandarins initially stole the show, then it was mini construction trucks and dirty 3 year old hands:


Turkey-2.jpgWe kept my table simple but I stuffed some mushrooms had a rainbow of vegetables and a nice little cheese spread:



I dressed the kids and made them hug each other:

But these picture sessions don’t always work out well and my kids are not always smiling little angels. Michael is quiet dramatic at times he goes from this:


To this in about 3 seconds:


There are a lot of hard things about adulting. But you know what I truly love?  That I come home to my family everyday.  These kids, my husband… My friends, family I mean blessed is the word.

Happy Holidays.



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