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Tonight, Tonight it’s Halloween [Day Later]

Happy Day of the Dead, my friends!

In case you live under a rock and skipped social media altogether for the past several weeks – yesterday was Halloween!  The holidays are SOMUCHMOREFREAKINGFUN with children.  Honestly.  This year we bought so many costumes and I feel terrible because what Michael really wanted to be we couldn’t find a good costume for. Whomp.  But it worked out anyway:

Michael actually had several costumes to wear for Halloween but started the day off as a dragon.  I LOVE dragon costumes and have scored awesome ones over the years – 3 years of dragons, someday I’ll pull off my GOT “Mother of Dragons” costume, but until then I’ll enjoy shooting pictures of my sweet dudes – staying behind the camera is my thing.  Michael has been so very excited about Halloween and Evan in pure Evan style is just like “oh Halloween? That’s cool!”  Evan’s a totally go-with-the-flow kiddo but really really enjoys costumes and dress up so yesterday was really fun for him.

The day started with toast and eggs cut out in spiders, spider webs and coffins followed by making sure everything was packed for Evan’s school treat bags (glowsticks,  stickers, pencils and erasers) and my last minute PrimeNow order (ordered an extra SD card because, well, 150 of them isn’t enough -can anyone else NOT format their cards?  I feel like it’s a fail safe for my stored photos).  And just like every morning, on this couple weeks off from work, in the blink of an eye it was time to take Evan to school.  We dropped him off, headed to Starbucks and headed back to Evan’s school for his school’s Halloween Costume Parade:


It was flipping cold outside so Evan looked like a cool Patagonia Model. After the parade, Michael and I tried to go to the Gap so I could score some cool Halloween night pjs and grab some warm clothes for Mr. E but MAV fell asleep in the car so we ended up back home and I decided to walk Michael to school to pick up E.   On the way home from school we stopped at a creepy house and Evan got a shot with one of his favorite people on the planet, Hannah:


Going with the speed theme of the day, we walked in the door, I speed edited photos while the kids ate leftovers and the trick-or-treaters were ready for treats!  Evan and Michael were great helpers, and took their time giving the trick-or-treaters handfuls of candy:


Michael had a costume change to Thor so they were the perfect pair:


and they stalked our neighbors, per usual:


Then Auntie Jaz and Primo Jay showed up!  So Michael and Evan did a little bit of Trick-or-Treating with them and well these pictures speak for themselves on the fun they had:

This year my sister also opened her first annual Hocus Pocus House.  She went all out (you’ll have to check out my snap) and it’ll be something we grow each year now.  She EVEN GOT ME TO DRESS UP!  Once upon a time I’d get dressed for Halloween.  We always decorate but I typically don’t dress up and just get excited to hand out candy :).   Next year we will be in full Hocus Pocus attire and I promise to get some good pictures.

TONS of candy and cool Halloween costumes later… Halloween is over 😦 – We had my annual pumpkin party and I didn’t document it!  Oh well, I hope to share a bunch of our Holiday traditions this year.  Fingers crossed we do something every weekend 😉 Until next time, friends.


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