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Today has been an awesome day already.

I slept in. I got up, enjoyed a great cup of coffee, made sure Elves had moved.  I sat on the couch to watch my youngest stumble down the stairs, into my arms. *swoon*


We snuggled, he touched my face and told me he loved me.

I told myself don’t be lazy today, lots to do.  So I got on my Peloton. I did a 30 minute HITT workout with my girl Ally Love. I LOVE Ally Love.  She’s a boss, she tells me I’m a boss even when I’m like negative cadence. She said something today, “be grateful you are here, blessed you are on this bike” and I thought to myself, “holy $hit” how right is she.  For the obvious reasons, I’m sitting on this bike, watching her virtually (it was a replay from earlier in the week I believe) but in order to enjoy this I need the bike, I need the internet I need a wifi router… but I also need my body, my wonderful, beautiful body who has gotten me to 31 thriving years and the health to be on it!  Blessed. yes. I enjoyed the ride, it was tough.  I hopped into the shower, hugged my husband before he left for work (yep #retaillife) and told my kids I need to take their pictures.

Of course I need to take their pictures, BECAUSE IT’S SNOWING on CHRISTMAS EVE.  This is EPIC but they don’t really want to, so we’ll see.  Evan wants to bake cookies, so we will.


I made myself eggs over easy with avocado and hot sauce.  Sat down with my BB Dakota poncho and leggings and turned not he TV.  It’s OWN network, not sure who was watching TV before, but this isn’t normal.  It’s Sheryl Sandburg and it’s Super Soul Sunday.  I’m in tears.  I’ve heard of Sheryl for obvious reasons, facebook, I’ve read Lean In but didn’t know she lost her husband before he turned 48 years old. Bring on the tears.  In the midst of one of the most glorious days I’m watching this but there is a lesson.  Live for moments & write them down.  A gratitude journal. I’m big on moments.  Honestly. My kids have taught met his.  I’ve taken many moments of snuggles, of stopping to just watch life though them.  Sitting with Evan through an art project, instead of washing dishes… I’ve lived for these but I’m terrible at writing them down.  Today I start.  Write down 3 moments of Joy. Doesn’t matter the medium my “be the change” journal or my “show my mini followers” blog.

  1. Michael in my arms, snuggling
  2. Peloton time with Ally Love
  3. Sheryl Sandburg on OWN

I’m being present and I’m being gratuitous.  I’m feeling super blessed today for so many reasons.  Happy Christmas Eve.


Oh and my Canon. Love my canon, what I love more? Capturing those smiles.

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