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Let’s Talk About Love

Today being Valentine’s Day and all – let’s chat about love.  So many people are Valentine’s Day haters.  “It’s fake, a made up holiday, blah. blah.” I must admit I may have felt this way at one time while browsing the hallmark isles… But to be honest I now have no space for that nonsense and that’s until well just 5 minutes ago when I made up my mind lol.  It really goes back to the whole idea of life is what you make of it. That’s just the honest truth.  A lot of people would then tell me “that’s because you have had someone to share it with” and that’d be totally and absolutely correct.  Every year I have lots of people to share it with.  Besides my “partner”, my mom, my dog, my boys, my dad, my brother, sister, friends, Netflix… You get the idea.  It’s a day to just draw a heart, eat a chocolate and remind yourself to be grateful for all those in your life.  I will also say this.  Nothing trumps this:


I want to teach Evan to love fiercely. I want him to tell people he loves, that he loves them – often. I want him to hug people tightly and tell them how he feels. And someday I hope he does a little extra for his special someone(s) on this day.

I want him to own his feelings and be the gentle kind loving soul that he is to everyone he meets.  I seriously am just so enamored with this child.  He’s just the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to Hector and I. Without a shadow of  doubt I know he will go on to do great things, who knows what things… But I want him to LOVE what he does and I want him to love sharing that LOVE with the people around him. I want him to get excited about Valentine’s Day and share smiles and giggles.  Some years will be harder, but I’ll remind him there is always someone to love and I will always be his backup Valentine (I selfishly hope that he picks me to be his first Valentine… OR at least not always be runner up or second… or third… 😉 ).

Today is a day to celebrate relationships.  They are what gives true meaning to life.  They are what brings happiness and they are what makes life worth living. I hope everyone had a wonderful day and shared it with someone special.  Even if that someone special is just you.  I mean, what’s wrong with loving YOURSELF.  Doing something extra special for you.  I bought myself pjs that say: #Selfie #nofilter #flawless and a candle that said “Be Grateful” and I just took deep breaths and appreciated the wonderful people around me… and maybe a small piece of a heart shaped pizza from Lou’s.


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