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The Boys.

Happy weekend.  I’m attempting to blog with my sweetie on my lap – wish me luck and thank you Baby Einstein and apple.  Michael – oh sweet Michael.  I’m going to give you a quick update on my sweetest little face, first:


MAV is seriously just such a joy.  He’s just so happy, pretty much all the time. He’s mastered the art of walking.  He started earlier than Evan did in an attempt to keep up with his big bro.  He’s just the best.  When Michael was about six months old we tried to start solids and it was almost scary how he wanted ZERO part of it.  I thought he would never eat.  But at 14 months old (almost 15!) he can – and will – eat just about anything. Ha. Especially all the stuff I do not want him to eat.  We are still nursing a big (queue the ugly eye rolls from nursing haters, look away folks I’m sticking my middle finger high up in your face). He’s quite adventurous. His favorite thing to do is climb. He can go up AND down the stairs now without issue (still scares the hell out of me).  He’s working on talking, he’s a parrot for sure and has a good mix of Spanish and English words.  He says “Hec tor” a lot. Oops. ha. But Agua and Mas are used frequently.  Mamamamamamamama is still his favorite and I love love that it’s usually accompanied by a sprint and arms raised in my direction, as he gets close it changes to the soft “up.” *sigh* my heart just flutters for my boys.  Michael LOVES music, he sings and dances oh and he ABSOLUTELY ADORES EVAN:


Evan loves him so much too. It’s just so cool to watch them interact.  I find myself just watching them and hugging and kissing them so much.  They are just the best. Mr. Evan is 3.5, and he speaks as though he’s 12. He has jokes, he’s extremely witty and he is the most loving, gentle, kind human being. I wish I could give myself credit for this, but honestly it just came with him it’s totally natural and God-given.  I’m so lucky to call them my boys.

Evan is just about potty trained.  I’m bringing this up because this has been the crappiest experience of parenting so far because I cracked under the pressure of “peers” not really peers because my friends and true support system wouldn’t have ever told me I was failing but it’s no secret that a lot of kids are potty trained before 3.5 and so many people would give me the stare of “he isn’t potty trained yet?  My kid was potty trained at 3 months old” “really? still in diapers? sucks” “Is he wearing diaper still?” “how hold is he?”.  I found my ugly parent with this and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to truly forgive myself for it.  I would become so frustrated with him not wanting to use the potty and that frustration after a long day of work, driving, cold, etc. would definitely not treat him like it was “ok” to still be in diapers.  Of course, hindsight, I feel freaking terrible I treated him like this even if it was only sometimes.  He just wasn’t ready.  Now that HE decided he was ready it’s been the easiest experience and has only made me feel crappier, ha!  So he will get lots of bribes for being so awesome.  I love you Evan, I’m sorry I allowed society to make me an asshole, even as an adult I am learning to not let peer pressure get to me. I just hope you are more graceful in your adulthood with this and your children.  That said, because he was so ready, he just goes to the potty by himself! ha already. It’s quite amazing.


Today we are going to clean up, and get out.  Chicago is a bit cold, a bit snowy and we are ready to get up and out!  I’ll be doing laundry all weekend long and really trying to continue the “purge” not sure where all this stuff came from but it really  needs to leave.

I need to bust out my camera and get some new shots of the boys! God knows only 239K pictures isn’t enough. Ha!



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