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Oh Hey!

My the landscape of NYE has changed for our household.  As exciting as it is to see some people partying hard, I’m happy to just be at home and sleeping by 10:30.

This holiday season has been super laid back, exactly what we needed going into a new year. 2015 was a good year. Our babies have thrived, we have grown and our hearts are full and grateful.

This year we will continue to set the bar high, be humble, be grateful. I’m looking to continue to expand my little photography obsession and really challenge myself fitness-wise.  With two kids, moving around is easy but finding quality time in my day to focus on my favorite fitness activities has proven pretty difficult.  As I’m quiet a fan of mat workouts – I typically have a little dude or two vying for my attention during them though.  It’s great because I love that Evan challenges me to races around our house, or squat challenges. However, it’s difficult too because I can’t focus on just myself.  I struggle with this immensely because I know this time that they want to be with me is not going to be forever, and being away from them for most of the day makes it super difficult – I feel crazy guilty. I mean look at this face:


Another problem I have: falling out of love with my gym.  I’ve written blogs about breaking up with gyms and finding new homes.  I must say, once you have that place where you feel comfortable to do your thing – it’s hard to replicate unless you find a new home.  I’ve tried a couple gyms since leaving Loyola Fitness Center and I’m just totally disappointed in them all.  I don’t know what it is, but I just don’t love it.  What do I love? A heated yoga session in the dead of winter.  I’m putting it on today’s agenda.

To start the year off right, I’m also scrubbing down my house of sickies. Happy New Year!!!


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