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Spring Fling

Yesterday was stunning out.  Absolutely stunning.  I can’t remember a day I felt lighter and happier recently.  I’ve always known I’ve been connected to amazing weather, probably like many people, but my mood is still on a natural beautiful day higher fresh warm air and sun.

Of course I took some pictures. My boys loved the nice weather as much as I did.  We went to Costco, Grandma Debbie’s and then to a nearby forest preserve where we watched all the deer just hanging in the field and the boys practiced running away from the camera… in the mud:


We took Mia and Gma’s famous hat:


We left happy and really dirty.  Both ended up shoeless and pantless in their carseats:


It was fun to get out and run.  This week I had a pretty terrible fall downtown and my body is all funny still.  I fell on my self side, walked funny for a day and now my right hip and back and just all of me hurts.  It’s funny because yesterday chasing the boys I thought to myself “this better not be the feeling of aging because it’s Bull$%*^ if it is” – so last night when I got home I did a whole lot of stretching and day dreaming my my bestie’s reformer, she’s definitely inspired me to step up my Pilates game and I’ve been researching studios and creating a side fund for a reformer of my own (probably will take me 3 years to save for, ha!) but with kiddos investing in home equipment just makes the most sense for me.  It’s great to get to the studio but it’s both expensive and not easy to juggle and let’s not even discuss my inherent guilt of being away from the boys all the time.  I’d rather wake up early run downstairs and do things or stretch and walk when boys go to sleep.  Fitness and activity is something I want to show them is possible and luckily when it’s nice out we get to do things together – chasing a three year old and one year old around is definitely a workout because they of course go in opposite directions 70% of the time. 😉

I love them, so that was our fling with spring. Today we are going to do laundry. Woot. I’ll leave you with what most of my pictures yesterday looked like, the backs of the kiddos:


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