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2015, Nice to Meet You.

Happy New Year, friends.


On Day 2 I want to reflect on the past couple of joyful days.  The day before New Year’s Eve I texted my mom “hey mom, can we spend NYE with you? Hector will cook!” – I had battled with the idea of dinner in the city with Hector, just us two.  But, after the year we had, we both agreed we wanted to spend it with loved ones.  My parents helped Hector and I through the roughest days of our marriage and life in 2014, so I felt like I wanted to seal up the old year, and ring in the new year surrounded by love and family.  2014 was filled with some serious trials, but we all came back with grace and strength and most importantly, renewed faith and stronger relationships. My mom who isn’t in to ever celebrating that holiday (what! we all go to bed at like 10 😉 ) said “sure!”.  So our plans were then to hang, eat and play Taboo with Nicole.  My mom pulled out some festive goodies which my uber cute awesome son, Evan so nicely displayed (he even dressed baby! Gah, I missed that camera moment):


I went to a glorious NYE Hot Power Fusion (my parents gave me a gift certificate to my favorite studio, #winning!!!), set my intention to just be me. Be grateful. Be present.  I came home and wrapped this dude up in the Moby:


Got a surprise call from Joey (my brother) – asking what we were up to for NYE.  He decided to pop by with his little family. So the last day of the year was spent hanging with my family, a beautiful way to end the year and start a new one.

Hector and I bought poppers for the countdown that were a funny disappointment.  We held them up, counted down – were thinking they were filled with confetti but alas, they popped and everyone looked around at each other like, “huh?” all that popped out were paper hats and various little items… I got a compass, Michelle got golf tees “I don’t even golf, here Jaylee ;-D” my sister made out like a bandit with a cork screw. Ha.

Yesterday Hector and I visited dear friends of ours, ones I hope to build a stronger relationship with in 2015.  I’ve said this a million times but we are surrounded by amazing people.  Sometimes I ask myself how it is possible to be so lucky, one thing that has never changed and wavered in my life is my wonderful friend and family filled support system. I’m so rich because of this. So amazingly rich. I look forward to goat cheese pizza with my love Joanna (ahh! and more blue!!!), chats about breastfeeding woes and workout routines with my Nicole… I look forward to taking Ellie to Blue Max and chatting about her beautiful home and discussing never ending home projects 🙂 .  I look forward to time with my mom, my amazingly strong mom… I look forward to building my friendships with new friends, like Shannon and chatting about futures with Susie.  I look forward to watching my little loves grow, growing my yoga practice, reading, writing and praying… There is so much positive  – and I pray each day to stay present. Today I look forward to shopping with my lovely sister in preparation for our first 5k in 2015, it will be a real shitshow 😀 ha – what it will be!  Nicole, my sister… this is our year ❤  She reminded me yesterday that 2014 had some lowlights… but it also had some highlights – SHE IS GOING TO BE A NURSE!! WE have a nurse in the family, now all we need is an SUV. ha.

2014 had some challenges, but challenges make us all stronger, so at the end of the day I was ready to say goodbye, but I did have some super special moments in 2014 and the main one was the completion of our little family.  I’m so over over over the moon in love with these two little loves:


Adios 2014, Hola 2015. YOU WILL BE GREAT.

I’ll be back with some new years “resolutions” and what not sometime this weekend.



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