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Merry Days

Happy Christmas Eve from the Villas!  Our house is deck’d


gifts wrapped:


and all is merry and:


Mr. MAV is 7 weeks old!

Evan has been an angel lately, he is just the best big brother and I cannot even believe how well he has adjusted to the new family vibes (Day 4 and Day 48) – Day 4 photo cred S.D. Wyatt Photography (she is AMAZING):

IMG_8163 IMG_3819

This year has been probably the most difficult year of my life and I’ve been very honest about it, but this time of year is magical not only due to my sweet boy being so excited about Santa, but because the end of this year has brought many MANY BLESSINGS.

IMG_9109 IMG_3760

Like this T-Shirt says:


This year has taught be to be present and thankful for the things I DO have in my life and the new angel we have gained (miss you grandma – so much), the things money can’t buy – important relationships. ❤ We have some serious angels in our lives, both new and old who have stood by us, offered us gifts unimaginable and I’m beyond beyond grateful for them – they know who they are ;-).

136 147 photo 5

My mom has been hard at work baking while I snuggle and wrangle (well she does that too, you can tell she has multiple kids experience):IMG_3749 IMG_3759 IMG_9367 IMG_9368

IT will be a yum-fest tonight and tomorrow!

The hubs has been working hard, but we are excited to have him home tonight and tomorrow – for all my hardworking friends in retail – God Bless you – this time of year is tough on you all I’m sure – Evan doesn’t like when daddy isn’t around:


I’m looking forward to the new year but I’m also soaking up every second of holiday bliss at the end of this 2014 like being able to run again OUTSIDE & and looking forward to a FREE 75 minute hot yoga class tomorrow (Thanks CPY!):


Using this mug:


Making my kids wear things they will hate me for in 15 years (maybe not… it is so cute):


And hanging with the best shiny new gift this year:

IMG_9388 IMG_9390

I’ve been blessed beyond words – MERRY CHRISTMAS, LOVE THE VILLAS (Photo Cred S.D. Wyatt Photography – Like her on FB!):

IMG_8147 IMG_8158


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