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15 Months

Hello blog space.  I’m back with an update on my favorite little guy (FINALLY in big boy shoes):


A week ago we had his 15 month appointment and it went splendid.  He is doing great, which I didn’t need the doctor to confirm but she did give us some stats:

He is 24lbs (75% tile)
32 inches tall (90% tile)
and his head is 19 inches around (90% tile)


So he looks perfectly proportioned and like a long lean little dude.

I must say, he continues to melt my heart and amaze me each day.  All his phrases “thank you”, “Aw, Man”, “Go away”, “Get down, dog” and some favorite words “Hoc-key” “Cole” “MA MA”


I cannot believe last year you were a snuggly little 3 month old:


Now you are a serious charmer.  A runner, a lover, and still a closet snuggler just when I need it:


You never stop going, not until the minute you are down, unless you take that 3 perfect seconds to hug me tight.  Leaving you for work each day is the hardest thing on the planet.  Last week we spent each and everyday together and it was wonderful.  I grandma envy for sure.

I remember when you were an itty baby and I wanted you to stay that way forever, but seeing you grow up has been so amazing. You are so fun!  You are the happiest baby I have ever met.  You are the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen.  You LOVE giving kisses running to people for hugs and singing and sorta dancing.

You have taught me to absorb everything around me and have made me so much happier.  You have also taught me I was born to be a mother.  I cannot wait to bring home a sibling for you, you are going to be such a fantastic big brother one day and the next bebe is going to have to work really hard to wow us as much as you have.  You are so amazing and fill me with SO MUCH JOY.Image



Side note:  I have been writing this blog since BEFORE 10/21… and just publishing it now.  And just because if I don’t publish it now, I feel I never will.

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