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Weekend Recap – Fitness Fun.

So this weekend was nothing crazy spectakular (on the surface); but, it was exactly what I needed filled with Evan, workouts, house work and relaxing.  No fireworks, no parties… Just two calm days that were busy but for all the reasons I love.

I hit the mat with one of my favorite instructors, Lou:

IMG_1865 IMG_1866


I hit the pavement with a bright pink pair of well, running shoes:

IMG_1849I even hit the gym, not only for pool time with my little man but weight time with my arms, legs and back:


It wouldn’t be complete without feeling nostalgic and doing a few jumpers, quiet a few mad that wonderful “swish” sound we all know and love.



It was a busy physical weekend that was finished with several miles with my two main weekend dudes, Oso and Evan.

IMG_1789Oh and not helping my obsession over getting myself a vitamix… Green smoothies:

IMG_1878Kale, mango, pineapple. On. Point. Amazingness.

Lets also take a moment for my lulu obsession:

IMG_1827 IMG_1870

Wunder unders in orange and soot & my steal warm it up crew.

Happy Sunday!




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