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Proud, very proud.

BAM!  It is the middle of May.  Seriously, what is with time?

Each day I wake up and really feel blessed.  I don’t know if it is motherhood or the job or what but most of the time I’m pretty blissful (except for those moments where I’m overwhelmed and upset with myself) but I’m loving so much right now… Especially today.  Today I got home, walked in my house and my perfect child was BEAMING, as always, to see me.  He lets out this beautiful scream of happiness and reaches out for Mmmma Ma.


I’m so far beyond blissful when it comes to this little man.  He honestly makes me want to jump out of my skin because I am so happy.  Today I also finally took in all that Hector, Evan and I have accomplished lately.  I feel I have focused so much on what I don’t do… Missing a yoga class, not getting enough running in… Eating out too often, not doing laundry fast enough… But I haven’t focused on the BIG things Hector and I have worked towards… Like our home, our family… our new jobs.  Life has been a crazy transition lately and we have gone through some growing pains but I feel the relief… It is in sight.

So today I enjoyed this:


and this:DSC_0104


The weather was an amazing 78 degrees when I came home and our little ninja who can stand all on his own (walking will happen, way before 12 months, I’m sure of it) enjoyed some outside time while mommy tried not to kill her plants (they were looking pretty dry).  How can you not smile at my little wanderer:

DSC_0114I’m so lucky:



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  1. Great pictures and so glad you are happy with life. Always stay positive and be thankful for all we are given. Best of luck with everything.

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