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Smoothie A Day Challenge

Hello world, happy Saturday!

I have felt quiet inspired lately, it is a mix of good weather, super cute baby, green grass and these crazy plants growing everywhere (weeds too! haha).   But one challenge I’m super excited about is a challenge by health is happiness.  I learned about it through lululemon on facebook, I have yet to set up a BHAG for myself but learning that I could participate in someone else’s BHAG I was totes in from the go.  So the challenge is simple enough… A smoothie (or two, or three, especially if they are green!) a day!  This is not a crazy challenge as I treat myself to these nutritious boosts regularly but this challenge has helped me to remain focused and somewhat organized:


Picking up several staples at TJ’s including:

  • Organic Kale
  • Spinach
  • Berries! Fresh and Frozen (blue, straw, rasp… lol)
  • Pineapple & Mango (frozen and cubed)
  • Almond & Coconut milk
  • Ginger, parsley
  • Lemons
  • Avocado 

At home I have protein powder, TJ’s green mix!, vanilla, maple syrup for taste if needed.

I’ve been very good about staying up to speed with this challenge as we get daily emails, with awesome recipes and you can checkout his site for great ideas on what to mix… Sometimes the mixes look awesome, sometimes not so awesome – but they all taste great!

I’ve made smoothies at home: at home

and had Loop Juice (LOVE detox smoothie!!!) and FFC do the combos for me:

at FFC

Blueberry pomegranate above with Omegas boost was amaze.  So. good.

I do feel refreshed and inspired, and it has pushed me to try new blends – some were crazy successful – some not so much.

My current fav is pomegranate, blueberries, water, ginger and lemon.  Um. Yum. So, good. My favorite green mix is almond milk, spinach, kale, TJ’s green mix, banana and vanilla.

Any ideas on a great additive for some healthy omegas?  I might search for Udo’s oil or something similar at Whole Foods today.

Something else refreshing?  I got a new top in the mail with a great new sports bra (not pictured below) – nothing like smoothies and the FedEx guy (aka Santa) to make this girl one happy camper:


My goals have rewards… when I meet one, I treat myself to something special.  I have so many things on my wishlist and I’m checking them off one by one.  Big items I’m looking at? Vitamix and a Kitchenaid Mixmaster!  For my new kitchen, I feel like it would be really appropriate to treat myself to a vitamix after this challenge… But my blenders work quiet well so IDK… Mixmaster is a must, so that may win…

While I work on this internal debate I’m off to the gym, followed by some time with a prego lady, who is making me a bit baby crazy!!! 😀

Shout out to my best and her new home! It is AWESOME! ❤

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