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7 Months

My sweet baby boy is now 7 months old.


And on 2/20/2013 he out of now where – started to crawl.  So he is now:

Eating solids &
Still melting my heart every single day & simply amazing in every way.


Needless to say, he is growing crazy fast.  He is 19 lbs and 29 1/2 inches of pure lovableness.

Dear Evan:

I remember when you were only a few weeks old.  I remember cuddling and thinking to myself, “I’m so blessed, this is so amazing” – I also remember crying quiet a bit about you growing so quickly.  I remember telling grandma how I wanted time to slow down and asking my best friend if I would remember everything.  I didn’t want to forget any special moments.  I wanted to soak it all in and remember it all.  While I can’t remember it all, I remember that you fit so perfectly in my arms and I feared for the day (and still do) that you would not want to cuddle in my arms anymore.  Luckily, this month is not that month.  Even though you are so much bigger you still fit seamlessly in my arms and on my chest, you are like my perfect little puzzle piece. This month you ask for me, and hold your arms out and reach for me. (Cue the water works tissue time) You cry for me when you are tired, scared or a little unhappy… and I must say I love it.


Our lives have been flipped upside down in the past month, in a great way.  I finally started a new job, we bought this house, and through this whole adjustment you have been simply amazing.   You are my new constant.  I walk into the room after a long day and the light of excitement that crosses your face is just such a wonderful heartwarming moment… I can’t even explain the joy, there are no words that can do it justice.

What else is new this month?  You are eating!  That is right, we made it through six months of exclusive breastfeeding and started you out on some solids this month.  You have some favorites and some not-so favorites.  You LOVE sweet potatoes, bananas and carrots you are way less of a fan of zucchini but you do enjoy avocado with a bit of momma’s milk mixed in.  Its fun giving you new things, but again I just cannot believe how quickly this creeped up on us.

You still love bathtime, we pulled out the boon floaties and you enjoy chewing them 😉 you love all your toys and play well all by yourself.  Your new thing is crawling and you can get around better and better each day.

We love you our sweet angel, I’m so proud of you… Every day.





You continue to be the best part of my day.  I love you more then you will ever know.






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