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8 Months – Mr. Independent

Honestly, I feel like I just wrote is 7 month post.  My mom keeps mentioning how it felt like my pregnancy took years and now, at 8 months old it feels like it has been a day since Evan was born.  Honestly, time flies, it is just too crazy how quickly days go by.  Luckily, each day I fall more in love my little Evan, he is the light of my life and I’m so happy I get to share him with the world.

So Mr. 8 months is thriving, and continuing to make me crazy proud.


He is just amazing in every way.  At this stage he is definitely more and more independent *cries* not as cuddly as he once was, he will turn in your arms and grunt because he wants to scoot around the floor.  He still indulges me from time to time, like when he is exhausted, he will place his head on my shoulder and I. Melt.


He keeps us so entertained with his babbling and his slobbery kisses, he will place his open mouth on your cheek for kisses… it is so slobbery but so awesome.  On the night before his 8 month of life celebration I honestly felt like I splashed water all over my face THAT’S how much he loves me, tons and tons of slobbery kisses.

This month you have been eating loads of things, and we bought you your big boy carseat *cries* .

Dear Evan,

How did we get here?  You are not by little squishy baby anymore.  Father time has really played mean tricks on me.  It seemed like everything in my life before you was slow motion.  Honestly, days seemed longer – 15 minutes sounded like an eternity compared to now.  (and there is that ache in the back of my throat, the one followed by those watery eyes…) It still amazes me how priorities change when you have a baby.  Evan, mommy can’t even go to the Bulls game without wanting to rush home to you!  She has a serious case of separation anxiety!! I really cannot stress how much I want to be with you when time allows.  I’m working a lot these days and spending a lot of time away.  I know it is good for you, you are making relationships with other people and brightening other people’s days but the selfish person in me, wants you all to myself. All. to. myself.

I simply cannot stress how proud I am of you.  You are beautiful and healthy and the most wonderfully energetic lively sweet baby.  You really can sprint now when you crawl.  Just like in the movies where the parents run after the baby, that is what we do with you!  You have TONS of toys, way too many, a product of those who love you and want to spoil you to pieces you have a stash at home, at Grandma’s and and Abuleta’s house.  But you much rather play with mommy’s Amazon boxes and her hoodie strings or her plate of food, coffee mug… you are so slick 😉  You LOVE standing.  You will pull yourself up in your pack and plays and just stand there chewing on the edge and staring at people, you can do this and entertain yourself for 10-15 minutes at a time, it is super cute.


You are also just a ladies man, you are such a cute little flirt.  New this month?  You want momma!  I mean you really want momma.  I must say, I love this.  I love that you show affection to others but I also love that you feel safe with me, you cry for me and you are iffy around strange people.  It is an amazing feeling when you reach for me, when you are sad that you want me to hold you… When you are tired you want me rock you.  I love it, I live for it.

As you know, I’m still nursing you.  I pump 3 times a day for you (yuck, but SO worth it) – one morning I pumped very little for you, you were still sleeping.  I was so disappointed (it was right before I left for work) – I picked you up, and held you in my disappointment because I knew it would remind me why I do this, so I picked you up you scrunched like when you were a newborn and I melted.  My eyes filled with tears and we sat in your room, on the glider just cuddling together I wish I could have spent hours with you there.  I tried to burn this in my memory so I will never forget how amazing it feels to have you in my arms, asleep, so peaceful, so handsome.  The whole world could have been exploding and I would not have noticed, all that mattered at that moment was you and I and our precious time together.

Sometimes I just stop and think, how did this happen?  How are you mine?  I just cannot fathom life without you my little man.  I love you, so much.  Now I’m going to go cuddle with you and your little babbling self (I can hear you in the bedroom with daddy, Sunday cuddle time and I want in 😉 )



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