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Starting Solids and Super Sidelined.

While I was pregnant I remember being only truly regularly afraid of one thing: not being able to breastfeed.  Sure labor and delivery anxieties would sneak in there from time to time but I remember being completely afraid and anxious over nursing.  I even shared my fears with my one of my best friends, one who had successfully nursed her son for a whole year.  My goal was six months exclusive nursing and a dream goal was a year of nursing before we weaned.  Then it happened, one day I woke up and Evan was 6 months old.  It was a goal I was incredibly proud of and we didn’t have too many hitches along the way a couple clogged milk ducts (had one yesterday!), one bout of mastitis (sucked!!!), several pumping sessions a day (not my favorite way to spend my time…), and a few uncomfortable days in the beginning – this sounds like a list of complaints, but it really isn’t each day I continue to nurse Evan I feel extremely proud of myself and him.  However a week or so after his 6 month birthday I decided that it was time to introduce some solids and I must say it has been fun!

Evan’s first real food was introduced on Super Bowl Sunday and the lucky food was…. AVOCADOS! Since then we have done a ton of other veggies and fruits including: sweet potatoes, carrots, squash, apples, bananas, sweet peas and Evan’s favorite zucchini:


Just kidding, he didn’t enjoy that one too much.  Next time I’m going to cook it with a bit of sweet coconut oil and maybe he will like it a bit better… haha

We are still holding off on some grains because I’ve done some research and want to wait on it but we have been successfully cooking for our little dude via my new bamboo steamer:




I am using a cook book for now, but this all seems very second nature and makes sense.  I was so freaked about giving solids and as he gets older I’m feeling more confident about it. He has been given mostly organic, but I’ve also let him try melons while out at our favorite cafe and although I know they buy a lot local when in season I honestly don’t know if what I gave him was organic and you know what? I’m ok with that.  I’m going to try to give him only organic but I’m not going to be a freak about it, many many babies have lived off of terrible processed foods and became healthy adults so I have back peddled a bit on my “organic only” rule. 



Now for the momma, this momma has been a slight mess.

First it started off as a cold, a severe cold about 3 weeks ago.  We are talking that horrible cough, crazy sniffles, sore throat, body aches… everything.  But the coughing kept me up at night, the anxiety I would get Evan sick (which he didn’t! that momma’s milk is amazing…) and my dwindling supply *sigh* it was rough.  I’m not one to complain too much but just when I started feeling better BAM about a week ago I noticed a dull pain on my right side…

That dull pain turned into the worst pain.  I had pretty badly bruised my rib from coughing so much.  Lifting my arm, breathing!!!, walking, twisting… EVERYTHING hurt.  Picking up Evan OUCHIE!  It has been the worst.  So with all my sick anxiety then this rib injury *sigh*

I have been workout sidelined.  I try to strech it out and one day last week I thought “Oh, I’ll do some lower body” – well the next day I paid for it.  The horrible thing about a core injury is that you use your core for EVERYTHING… So I’m on strict orders to… heal. 

Thanks for being my venting sesh.  Anyone starting babies on soilds?  What was your baby’s first food?  Anyone dealing with injuries? I wish I had a cool story to go with my injured ribs like “Oh, I was just playing some hockey” or “I went up for a layup and got closelined in the rib” but no my story is “I had a terrible cough for two weeks” lol

So the only one perfecting their downward facing dog and practically planking like a pro in this little family unit is this cutie:


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