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Weekends – Starting Monday’s Off Right

Well, it is Monday.  I’m starting my day with an awesome cup of coffee in my favorite mug:

Some quality time on my yoga mat for Namaste November, and of course my pump (I’m working on a “day in the life”) and reviewing my weekend:

Saturday started with an early morning Veteran’s day run.  It was nice and small and I even ran into a few old friends = perfection. PR? No, but that’s ok!

Then there was this:

Lots of time with baby… and I mean… Lots:


I love weekends because of the extra time with this nugget.

I got in a bit’o’sweatime and lots of family time.  Happy Birthday Grandma!

A bit more baby:

A Bear’s Game that was way-less than stellar. Homeland which hasn’t disappointed in weeks… Hubby time.  Tons of gratitude for life.  A great sermon at church and countless thanks for those who have served our country.

Be greatful. Be thankful.

Happy Monday!

On the sweatlist for today?  MAYBE my first postpartum trip to the GYM!  Or maybe some extra yoga for my noodle legs.  Either way.  It will be awesome.

Stay warm!







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