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Usually this time of year my home is filled with way too many pumpkins, tons of gourds and the smell of fall.

This year, I’m spending so much time with this pumpkin that I’m sort of behind:

Evan’s pumpkin costume for Halloween!  He is too small for most costumes but he has this and the giraffe ❤

I think a huge part of being so far behind is that I’m simply so head over heals into everything for the baby and returning to work, he hasn’t yet clicked that it is FALL and HALLOWEEN is RIGHT around the corner!!  Geez!

We did get some of this in last weekend:


Pumpkin carving with the family!  Toasted pumpkin seeds are a favorite of mine, but I only like them while they are warm and straight out of the oven.  I do salt them, so the next day I was feeling a bit bloated… Pretty sure it was my seed over-load.  But it was worth it 😉

We also got in some family photos:

And just as I post these from last weekend, we are already jumping into a NEW weekend!

I’m going to get some more pumpkins and a few gourds.  I’m going to also try my hand at making my own pumpkin puree so we can do some sort of pumpkin flavored goodie!

I wish I could stay but I have to run!




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