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Whenever you are blue, put on the tunes and jam.

I had some negativeness in the brain yesterday, all day.  It is absolutely draining and totally not worth it, if you can avoid it.  What did I do about it?  Sob to a friend, who always listens and gives great advice.  Stew in it for a bit.  Slept on it.  This morning?  Woke up on the right side the bed.

Opened itunes.  Clicked Florence & the Machine and danced like a crazy while getting ready.  Verdict?


I ninja kicked that negative crap right out of the brain.  It is so. not. healthy.  There are so many positive things in my life, and I trust that things will just work out.  I’m entitled to moments of sadness, but they shouldn’t consume my life and I’m totally not doing that anymore.  So today I’m going to jam it out, strech it out and run it out.

My mind ninja is cleaning house today.  I’m going to snuggle with this presh baby:

Give my hubby some love:

and smile at the future because those two, and my friends and family aren’t going anywhere – and THAT is enough to make my heart sing.

Sure, that stuff that needs to get done, and I will make steps to clean all of it up, but those things cannot change overnight.  I just need to make strides to correct the things in life that make me slightly unhappy and move on.

happy. thoughts.

Happy Thursday, friends.  Tonight = football, Vampire Diaries, snuggle time and a sweatfest for yours truly.





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