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Well, since having Evan, I realize just how important birthdays are.  They should absolutely be celebrated.  They should be cherished.  As you get older people seem to get less and less excited about them, and although I understand that argument, I think mine is stronger.  Each year you are one more year wiser, you have new memories, another year with friends and family… So much can happen in a year.  Even years that are plagued with loss and some sadness, it is a year of growth and you can celebrate a new year with a positive attitude.  We are blessed each day we wake up, we have to celebrate that.  Life should be celebrated EVERYDAY but especially on your day of birth.  If not for you, do it for your parents.

When I had Evan, I realized just how much my mother must love me, it is an intense feeling and completely overwhelming.  I spent a few nights thinking about the fights my parents and I had through the years, those moments when you think they don’t love you… They NEVER stop loving you.  It is impossible.  I know not all parents are the same, but my mother’s love for me suddenly makes sense.  Those days when I was a complete witch (with a capital B), she didn’t deserve that.  I think mothers should be celebrated on their child’s birth, because they day you are born is a magical moment for the baby and the mother.

25 years young – that is how old I was for a whole year.  That year brought me:  a marathon, a marriage, a new job, a baby and a completely new outlook on life.  It was the best year yet.  I have the most amazing friends a girl could ask for, no joke, I’m sickly blessed.  My husband amazes me every day.  He is an amazing husband and father.  Then there is this little boy, he has only been in my arms for two months… but he has completely changed my life.  I really can’t imagine life without him.  He even makes bouts with mastitis (might blog about later, its pretty sucky, but yeah) worth it.

I’m excited for this new year and since 25 set the bar so high, I’m going to have to push this one a little harder.  I have a great feeling about the future, it has honestly never looked so bright, I guess that is what you get when you start to see the worth through a child’s eyes again.  Sure there will be sucky days (it is life, this happens) but I definitely plan to outnumber those days with happy fantastic ones.

So today starts with a cup of coffee and some pictures from yesterday:

I have accepted I’m no longer the star of any day 😉

I’m still not feeling the best, so don’t mind my disheveled look lo;

New lulu from the hubby! ❤

Cake ❤

followed by a meltdown

Balloons! Including one from Evan (via my wonderful thoughtful mommy!)

My day was perfect.  In every way.  Spent with some of the people I love most.

Oh hey!  I’m now on facebook!  I’d love it if you’d “like” me 🙂 –

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