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Two Months Old

Dear Evan:

Today you are two months old.  I still cannot believe how you have changed our lives.  My life is so much better with you in it.  How did I live before?  The days before you that I’d wish away… I wish I could add those minutes to our time together now.  I honestly cry tears of joy because of you.  Each breath I take, I thank God for you.  My beautiful healthy little boy.

Today you went to the doctor.  I feel evil for making your appointments on your birthday, so I promise not to do that anymore (your next appointment is December 1st, I’m sure it will be here before we know it).  I of course am a lucky mom with a healthy baby that is in the 90th percentile for height!  No wonder everyone remarks on how big you are!  But your weight is right on track.  You are my long lean cutie machine (and swaddle escape artist!).  After the doctor looked you over and told me you were perfect, you had to get shots.  Mommy cried, and you handled it awesome.  You were such a strong little boy, who cried for a very short while, I nursed you and you went right to bed.  You woke up in some pain, I could tell, your cry told me. So I gave you some medicine, held back tears and placed you in the Moby.  I love to hold you close (you are sleeping in the swing now and it is taking everything for me not to come take you out and snuggle, but I know you want and need your rest) and you slept some more.  You woke up and weren’t in a bad mood, so I tried to take some pictures:

before I changed him into a his two month onesie – see his little band-aids? 😦

He wasn’t his usual smiley self, and the lighting wasn’t ideal so we will likely do a round two tomorrow.  But, I of course think he is perfectly handsome.  My sweet baby.  I love him.

New things: He is smiling, a ton! Especially at daddy.  He also will talk off your ear, and I love every second of these sweet sounds.  He definitely loves to follow people and he makes my heart flutter when he is in someone else’s arms staring at me. He is just amazing.

Things he loves:  His mobile!  He will lay in his crib and just stare and talk to it, it is the cutest thing.  He also loves snuggling with his bamboo Aden & Anais blankets, be brings them up to his face because he likes the feel. He loves his swing and when daddy talks to him! Eating! He loves stories.

His crib and mobile

Things he doesn’t like:  Shots.  Definitely doesn’t like those. Not a huge fan of cold wipes (plugged in the warmer!) and he loves bath time but doesn’t love the cold transition from bath to lotion to clothes. ❤

He is so much fun. I love him a ton and I take way too many pictures (well, I don’t think I do… everyone else does is five thousand excessive?):

I love this face ❤

Happy birthday my sweet baby.  I think you are finally stirring, and even if you are not I’m ready for my cuddling fix.  I dread the day you don’t want to anymore so I need to make sure to soak up these moments now.

I love you,




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