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Stop and Smell the Flowers

Happy Monday – and Happy (Late) Father’s Day to all those amazing dads out there.  My main man and husband will be joining the Father’s Club soon enough and to celebrate, I bought him a nifty fan for the house.  Thoughtful I know.  Cosco always pulls at my purse strings…

But I’m crazy grateful I got to spend some time this weekend with my wonderful father.  He is just such a loving man, and I’m so lucky to have him in my life and can’t wait for little Evan to meet him.  My dad will be able to teach him a great many things, and is going to love him to pieces.

Today was tough.  One of those days where you take a deep breath and just take things in for what they are.  You realize sometimes things will disappoint you and you have to adjust to new circumstances.  I am going to sleep on this one and think if I want to elaborate more on the topic, maybe when I’m not as emotional about it.  Thank God for my little bun in the oven because some sort of hormone or maybe it is my wish to have a mellow baby, is keeping me super calm.  Sure the tears were there but overall I really feel like pregnancy has humbled me big time and made me deal with not so ideal situations in a new, much calmer, light.  Today’s brilliant advice, courtesy of my wonderful mom (my hero, in the flowers below), “Just wait until you see your little baby, you are going to love him so much.  None of this will matter in the slightest when you have him cuddled in your arms, you really are going to love him, so much”  She is so right, I know I will be head over heels, as I already am…

My 36 week baby bump at our nephew’s last T-Ball game of the season.

One mini regret, this pregnancy?  That I didn’t take more belly photos.  I’m going to try to make up for that, but who knows if I’ll ever be pregnant again?  Sure this isn’t my idea of my ideal body but I guess I’m growing to love it a little.  My body is doing great things, amazing things, and it is beautiful.  It is just such a natural process.  I mean, really my skin has been great, my body hasn’t ached too much and I’m still being told, “WHAT!?  You are HOW far along?” – I love when my little dude moves, when he does my eyes immediately go toward the belly because it is fun to see it move so much, that means my sweet Evan is growing big and strong and making my belly into a funny looking major lopsided ball.

Some things I’m grateful for going into this week, besides my rapidly ending pregnancy and healthy pregnant body?  The staples of course, family, friends, the wonderful husband, my first baby, Oso, and watermelon.  But also, super cute T-Ball games:

My super darling nephew, kicking some T-ball butt!

The flowers in my momma’s garden (bug eaten and all):

And two beautiful weekend nights with some wonderful fathers and a father-to-be:

I’m coming around, slowly but surely.  I’m getting really anxious about the arrival of my little man, so that is the reason for my baby centered posts.  I can’t wait to hold him, smell him and give him tons of kisses.  This really has been a growth experience.  My go-to life saving fitness has been there for me from the start, and even (in small doses) even now, but this pregnancy has helped me learn new tools:  focusing on breath, realizing even on my worst days, things could be worse , meditation (yep, never knew it was possible) and appreciating the smaller things in life.

I hope your week is productive and fantastic.

Any ideas on how to better cope with stress?  Another favorite destresser of mine?  Hugs from the hubby, guess who is going to go take major advantage… right now.

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