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Babies and the Baby’s Room

Yikes 35 weeks and feeling… sleepy! Haha, I feel like that has been the theme this pregnancy which I’m sure I have said before.  The fatigue doesn’t stop the preparation for baby and life though.  Today I was hoping to make it to the Farmer’s Market.  A huge family favorite which I can’t wait to blog about someday, hopefully before baby is wrapped in the Moby walking around with me 😉 – Anywho, that didn’t happen but some other exciting stuff did!  Today was a big day in the household… Our babies were released!

Hector and I own two fairly large fish tanks, filled with African Cichlids who are mouth breeders.  They carry their young in their mouth and then spit them out (and then most usually get eaten, yikes!) on the rare occasion we can keep this from happening, we do and we use this fancy basket (as shown above, do you see the little guys?) to keep them safe and help them grow:

Although still small, you can see they are getting some color! They grow pretty quick!!

A few will likely still bite the dust, but we have saved quiet a few, if we would have let them just do their thing in the big tank, we may have had one or two reach a mature age instead we have about fifteen of the little guys shown above.  Our tanks sort of replenish themselves (not as much as my Dad’s tank, but that is ok) which keeps buying new fish budget to a healthy minimum which makes me a happy camper!

Also in the works today?  Something I do daily it seems, work on finishing touches in the baby’s room.  Little Evan’s room is pretty close to being complete so I thought I’d show our progress so far:

Evan’s Space – We will order a glider in the next week or two to put where the swing is and the wing will go in a common area.

I am very happy with our progress, there are just some minor additions but I can’t wait for my little man to be introduced to his space.  I feel very blessed that Hector and I have had the opportunity to set up a nursery for him and for it to be as fun of an experience as it has been.  I can’t wait for Hector to do a little more personalization (pictures to be hung above the crib and a shelf above the changing table) and then this room is pretty much done.

As I look toward the future, I see lots of fun moments including Evan meeting the babies above, they will be big enough for him to see when he is able to see objects clearly a couple months down the road and hopefully he will develop a major love for animals like his Cousin Jack, Auntie Nicole and like his parents.  Although I’d like his love for bugs to stay at a minimum at least I have a handsome hubby who is all about the bugs:

Ok, so this butterfly isn’t so scary but he got super up close to just stare at it, and lets face it, if it was a big scary bug (which he would totally be interested in) I wouldn’t be too interested at taking a picture with him and it…

I’m a very lucky girl.  I’m reminded of it everyday.  I hope you are enjoying this awesome Saturday, I’m going go run some errands and hang out with my wonderful momma, and take a nice long walk with my main man for the day:

Oso, enjoying a car ride… such a awesome pup.

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