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Walk, Talk and be Grateful – Make [& miss] Plans

So 37 weeks is HERE (well mine as well be, tomorrow it is official)!  Holy cow, my little dude is FULL term!  I can’t wait to blog about his nursery which is pretty much completed (super little details need to be done, a plant, maybe a lamp or two), I find myself just hanging out in his room day dreaming of rocking him in my arms.  We put a lot of loving touches in it so I figure I’ll write all about it when I have a chance to take some fun pictures!

Today was one of those days where you make plans, get there, and realize it isn’t going to happen.  Hector and I are lucky enough to live in Chicago, and we rarely take advantage of all the things the city has to offer.  With our little man on the way, we decided to get in some us time and thought we’d visit the Shedd Aquarium.  Hector and I have, like I said before, quite a few fishys ourselves and were excited about our little trip!  Well, we get there and there is a three hour wait.  Um, this pregnant lady is not going to stand for three hours without access to a bathroom.  So Hector and I enjoyed some spectacular views of the city instead:

The lake, lots of sail boats out today.

The weather was perfection.  We took a nice long walk and sat and watched the geese in the harbor and just enjoyed each other’s company.  I told Hector I was sorry about our missed date at the Shedd but that it might be more fun to bring a baby, even if he has no clue what is going on.  We discussed a few things, held hands and told each other how much we care for one another and how excited we are to start our little family, even if it was sooner than planned.  We have both learned that things work out the way the work out, for a reason.

The rest of our day is pretty packed, filled with a mini nap for me (as soon as this post is posted), a meeting with a dear friend, and hopefully some bowling for another excellent friend of ours.  I told Hector I would buy him a fishy or two for the tank since we sadly lost a couple (they lived good long fish lives) and because we missed seeing the huge Cichlid exhibit at the Shedd.

We learned another important lesson today, sometimes plans don’t go as planned and you have to make adjustments.  I didn’t particularly mind as I spent time with one of my most favorite people on the planet.  I’m so lucky to call him my husband, he really is amazing.

At least we get to enjoy the fishes daily 😉


    • Jen

      I’m so lucky! I really am, and it is awesome to have him as a husband, he is SUCH a good man. This comment couldn’t be any truer!

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