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Little Life Update

We have been REAL busy over here friends!  My oldest kiddo, Evan, is going to 2nd grade and is currently loving summertime.  He’s also currently annoyed that everyday I tell him to pick up his math facts book and fill out pages and read his something treehouse books (I bought him a whole set 75 bucks and the deal was he’d read one book a week we are currently lucky to get through a CHAPTER a week).  He definitely rather just hang outside, preferably in Grandma Debbie’s pool.  My other little dude, Michael, is gearing up to start school this fall too.  He knows nothing different than his current crazy routine. The hubby is keeping busy, and I’m doing my very best to not drive him totally crazy.


As for me, well, I’ve been busy doing the daily stuff and busy daydreaming about…


MAV becoming a big bro!  We are adding another little Villa to the family soon.  I’ve held out on this stuff for a while because being me and a weekend photographer I wanted the perfect shots.  I wanted the coolest announcement and lots of bells and whistles.  Well today I finally pulled out (what I think is) the first onsie my mom bought for little one and told my kids (both nice, dirty and picture perfect…) to go outside as the sun sorta set. Michael brought a transformer and I bribed him with waffles for dinner… You do what you have to.  I got [no] perfect shots but there it is – little Villa V3 coming soon.


Evan my perfect angel has been, well Evan.  Michael is also excited but also has no idea what he is in-store for.  Anywho, plan is to keep you all updated on my little blog.  I’d also like to try a little vlog, but alas big ideas over here and little execution.

Join us on our journey! Follow me at @Jen.Stays.Well on Insta for updates and blog posts ❤ Later, friends!




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