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SUMMER Vacation

Hey ya’ll.

How’s life treating everyone?  I hope fantastic.

We have just-ish returned from a fantastic vacation.  This is the first time in the LONGEST TIME – maybe ever? That Hector and I have been off for two weeks with both children – again maybe EVER (even when he babies were born I’m thinking Hector only had a week off… and just a day with MAV) in the course of our relationship together.  This time off has been so amazing, restful and just down-right good for the soul.


White sand, blue water, brown babies.  That’s what last week really consisted of.  We headed down to St. Pete’s area for a week of GLORIOUS HEAT and sunshine.  So many people gave opinions of, “YOU ARE GOING TO FLORIDA IN THE SUMMER?  It’s going to be HOT” – and well sure it was, but seems like Chicago was just as hot seeing the state of my outdoor plants and Chicago does not have ocean front property where dolphins literally frolic in the sunshine…  The Gulf gave us a beautiful breeze and with a pool and the ocean we were happy as clams.  It is summer, I’m here for the heat.  The sun, the sea.


Trying to get them to smile together for pictures is getting more and more difficult.  I suspect sand and sea callings were at odds most of the time.  You see, my Evan, he’s quite the fish.


He spent loads of time enjoying the sea and the rest of the time was spent in the pool.  MAV enjoyed the sand.  He took half of the beach up the pool shower each day.

My dear friend Katie has spent many a years at this beach.  She called it magical and seriously that’s just what it is.  Each morning dolphins would roam up and down the coast.  We’d sit with our coffee and a book (I have read two books TWO books so far on this vacation, more on that later) on the amazing porch and just listen to the waves crashing and our dear dolphin friends (almost like clockwork) would be slowly strolling near the shore. Heaven.


Katie and Evan ^ she’s the best, huh? I must say too I had amazing beach hair on this trip.  Head to my insta account to see (jen.stays.well).  Katie and her beautiful family were so much fun to hang with.  The kids got along great (duh, practically besties) and the adults played hours of rummy.

I have nothing more to say other than this trip was exactly what everyone needed.  What my soul needed.  What my family needed.  Even the drive (though long and likely our first and only one, ha) was stunningly beautiful (many pictures on my insta… jenlmvilla).

I’m working on me quite a bit these days.  With work and kids and life you just sorta lose too much.  I find myself longing to just immerse myself in my children and family and that’s what I have been doing… but it’s time to rebalance and find some ME time so I can continue to grow and thrive in my own right.

Sea is healing.  The beach is where the soles of my feet speak deeply to my soul and heart.  Feeling all the feels, bits of white sand, jagged sea shells and burrowing mussels.  No matter where you are make sure you make sure you are #livingthegoodlife we’ve only got one and it’s mostly about perspective.  ❤

xo friends,

until next time which I always hope is sooner rather than later… but you know, life.


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