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Fab Four Smoothie

Good day!  Wrote this several days ago and have since made oodles of smoothie combos so I’ll def come back with more suggestions!

So I mentioned in my last post I’m reading the book Body Love (well listening to, I grabbed the audiobook, I suggest hard cover for this as there is lots reference material and sciencey words HA).  Kelly talks a lot about her #Fab4smoothie.  She actually swears by it, and says a lot of her clients (who include Molly Sims & Jessica Alba) really subscribe to her Fab 4 combos: protein, fat, fiber and greens (well, duh)!  I’m giving it a go because, why not.  It’s not like I don’t already eat clean but I don’t balance my meals always with those four categories and it’s pretty straight forward so I thought I’d share today’s smoothie, it was… not bad! PLUS I’ve been doing extensive research about how terrible sugar is for you so I’ve been really limiting/eliminating sugar anyway (Kelly would approve!).

I’ve been a smoothie making machine for some time.  My beloved Vitamix is honestly the best thing since sliced bread IMO so I’ve thrown all sorts of concoctions in there.  One super important thing in all those?  Fruit.  Def.  I mean, my fave that I lovingly call my own Mean Greens Spicy Machine (celery, pineapple, spinach/super greens, lemon, coconut water, fresh ginger + Cheyenne pepper!) doesn’t have too much in it but it’s certainly more than what Kelly would like us to do as far as sugar content (coconut water + pinapple). She’d like you to limit the fruit to 1/4 cup or none and if you use coconut water – no fruit.

I’m sure I’m like a lot of people when you go “I need fruit in my smoothies…”  But once you try it – it’s not so bad!

Today’s smoothie was just these simple things plus Cacao Powder and two really big handfuls of greens:


All these are super clean – the protein powder obviously the most processed (I also have been using this which is collagen protein peptides, more on those in another post).  The nut butter has one ingredient (cashews!).


Super buttery! I also found this nut milk brand and am really pleased with it and the ingredients:


Chia seeds for fiber a ton of greens and I had myself a super simple very satisfying smoothie (also threw in some ice).  This really keeps me satiated for some time, that’s a huge part of her book – that we should eat to satiety and and not confuse our system with sugar and insulin spikes which cause a bunch of different issues.

As I continue to follow this I’ll def tell you about my experiences along the way, but encourage you smoothie lovers need a simple quick breakfast people – to try a non-fruit (low fruit) #fab4smoothie and checkout Kelly’s Website for other smoothie ideas.  I do promise a full review on her book I have about 30 minutes left to listen to and I think I will be purchasing a hard copy for reference material!

Chat soon!




  1. ADashOfnutMeg

    LOVE fab 4 smoothies! I’m still working on cutting down my fruit little by little

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