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Some Last Minute Gift Ideas for the Ladies

Well.  Because I’m a lady I’m starting with gift ideas for us. Specifically chicas like me.  The mom, fit person, and who loves fashion but doesn’t like to splurge on herself because she spends her money on everyone else. But if you fit in any of the categories you can find something here.

Right now my inner yogi wants the following which would be a great idea for any Namaste friend you  may have:

Beautiful mala prayer beads!  You can find these at various prices on Etsy and my lululemon app just told me they have new sets on their site for sale but I’ve had my heart set out on several over at Silver & Sage Jewelry (photo cred below to them):

Open Heart Mala (Silver and Sage Jewelry)

Open Heart Mala (Silver and Sage Jewelry)

Also for the yogi – a great yoga mat, again my friends at lululemon have a popular yoga mat (the mat) but I love and adore my Manduka Pro mat.  It is LOVELY and durable and perfect for my daily practice.  I also own their eKO Lite mat which is super easy to travel with but how in love am I with their Limited Ed. metallic mat?  Seriously.:



I’m all about workout gear.  I like to feel good in what I wear and lately am a little obsessed with the tight pants; loose top look.  Again lulu gets a shoutout because they are almost all I own but Onzie has some awesome printed capris that I would love to rock with a loose black top to a yoga class.  Check out both sites for awesome gear.  I promise fitness people will love the goods 😉

Also nothing says I love you then paying for classes at her favorite local yoga studio.  One of my FAVORITE studios – Core Power Yoga has a deal on gift cards 80 for 100.



Ideas for runners?  Buying entrance to races is always fun.  Because I live in a big city who has a 5k pretty much every weekend (even in the winter lol) – there are some super fun ones that come to town and the entries can quickly add up$$ so buy friends race entries to some of the popular ones!  Rock n Roll series are awesome and CARA’s website has links to tons of others.

Runner’s Road ID – I’ve wanted one of these for sometime, alas have never gotten one but they are super duper popular.  You should get there now as they are having an AWESOME sale 😉

I also love the idea of commemorating important things with jewelry – and this Etsy site has some awesome little goodies:


(that site has a lot of cute things, not just running related, check them out!  Fantastic reviews too.)

This sweat away bracelet:

sweat away braclet

Or for the distance runner with lots of medals?  A custom medal rack:


Ok, so your gal isn’t into the running/yoga/studio thing. Every girl wants more SHOES. Wintertime deserves new boots.  Although I want the dreamy Stuart Weitzman 5050s – they aren’t quiet in my budget hahaha but big stores like Macy’s do have great sales this time of year where you can get some designer goods at somewhat of a discount and your gal will not be upset with a new pair of boots.

I feel like girls are so easy to buy for – except for my sister. lol

For the moms, Moms – the active ones – doesn’t hurt to get some memberships to cool nearby places. Or giftcards to spas.

This year I’m just hoping for a cute family photo & maybe to fit into some of my old clothes hahaha.

Any awesome ideas for gifts this year?





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