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Halloween & October Recap

Nov. 1!  Yesterday was filled with tricks and treats, a last minute Ninja and a trip to our favorite acupuncturist. I’m going to go to Target today and see if I can find those awesome black and orange totes so I can easily find my decorations next year – yesterday was so cold we didn’t even use our fog machine we bought on sale last year *sad face*.  Yesterday was COLD (yeah I know it is a repeat but IT felt like winter)!!  Snowy and cold. But my little Ninja was so happy to hand out candy and eat it – he was perfectly fine with staying nice and warm inside:


His last minute Ninja costume was perfect.  We left the bowl of candy on the stairs for easy access to hand out to the trick or treaters


Evan kept an extremely close eye on them and snuck a few chocolates.  Before we knew it we had a crazy little 2 year old on our hands – sugar and Evan is a crazy combination! He was running around so excited watching for trick or treaters, it was fun to sit and just watch.  He was so good at being the candy helper!

IMG_7223 IMG_7224 IMG_7225

We also were watching SNOW!  I mean enough snow to stick to the ground.  We ran to mom’s house because across the street her neighbors go ALL out.  This year they had a hearse that shot flames out of the tail pipes!


So it was nice to watch that from the warm inside of my mom’s house.  So many cars drove down her street.  It is quiet popular.  The only thing that was a major let down of this Halloween was the terrible weather.  Typically, we get out and walk a lot in the surrounding neighborhoods to get cool views of all the decorated houses.  River Forest has a house we see every year with a pirate ship and stuff of that nature but 😦 – we didn’t this year between my over pregnantness and the weather it was simply not fun at all to be outside.  We left our Ninja with grandma Debbie while we ran to see our acupuncturist.

The last time I saw Frank, was when Evan was overdue.  Evan was different though.  My body had zero progress simply because Evan laid slightly to the side and his head never engaged my cervix.  This baby is perfectly in place, but my contractions are not productive – he is at -1 station or lower at this point and I have dilated and effaced on my own but as described in previous posts my contractions are all over the place.  Some not painful, some painful, none consistent enough to push me into actual labor.  So we made our trip.  Frank has been a friend for MANY  MANY MANY years.  My parents have been fans of his forever.  He is brilliant.  He has studied Chinese medicine for a very long time. He works with Stroger hospital and pain management for veterans on top of his own private practice and goes to China often to teach, give lectures and learn- he is really amazing. He is also so down to earth.  I asked him yesterday how he looks so good and thought he was going to say “I do yoga and eat right” – but he said “I don’t eat so great” hahaha – so all his herbal remedies and life management techniques must work 😉 – I need to take up meditation again.

Anywho, due to MAV’s unique scenario he actually used a different point then with Evan.  With Evan I had little maca sticks burning from my toes to get him to move to where he needed to be to get my body going.  With MAV he used a point 3 fingers above my ankle.   We chatted and were given homework to complete a very similar process at home this weekend. Just seeing Frank makes me feel better.  I hope someday to exude that type of wisdom and calm.  Here’s a throwback to when Hector prepped me at home with Evan:



October has been quiet the month.  Filled with ups, downs, and waiting.  I’m ready for baby but really trying to keep calm because nothing progresses when you are stressed and frustrated.  So I’m off to take a nice hot shower, run to the store by myself (as I know Hector and Evan won’t be ready in time as they are STILL laying in bed) and finish up some laundry.  I cannot remember the last time we were this caught up on laundry.  haha

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