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Finding my “Zen”

I love weekends.  It is safe to say I live for them.  I get 24 of this little dude:


and time at home with the puppy, hubs and our home which is still fairly new to us.  Lately I have had a chance to really absorb things around me.  I’m finding more time to workout, more time to relax (ha, 5 minutes or so) and more time to read.  The hubs got me this awesome gift for mother’s day:

Mom's day

I broke my other kindle somehow, and was devastated so this was a welcomed addition and I am really enjoying it pretty much everyday.  I am almost finished Relic and recently finished The Wolf of Wallstreet and I downloaded a book on meditation as one of my goals is to start to meditate as I hear it works wonders and I need to find that calm.  Lately anxiety has been getting the best of me (probably why the surge in gym-goings)… So this is something I really am stoked about.  Other ways I’m looking to find my zen?

1.  At home quiet “me” time.  Getting in a bath, painting my nails, and figuring out new natural scrubs and beauty regimens.  Loving this and this right now.  <— Another one of my favorite bloggers, Maria is hysterical.

2.  Thinking about at home projects – making lists.  Hector and I are a family on a budget 🙂 – Not crazy, but enough of a budget that I cannot go out and purchase everything I want (wouldn’t that be nice! Not sure I know anyone like this… but I can dream haha).  So I have a long list of at home projects that we are working on or attempting to work on for our new home.

3. Getting and staying organized.  Even the little improvements in this department make me feel so much better.  I love when someone says “hey do you have this…” I can go straight to it.  My new obsession is mason jars.  I love the look of them and I really wish I would have taken a before and after picture of this “after”:



4.  Getting my craft on.  Well although I have dabbled in craftiness and have a creative side finding the time to stay on top of it is difficult; but – this fun machine is going to help me turn Evan’s party paper into cool decor:



I did a lot of research before purchasing including hopping into my local Paper Source who swears by it (it is what they use!!) – This helps me find my Zen for the simple fact that there is an immediate tangible end product.  After the awesome decor at my baby shower, I need to be able to make a solid effort to make Evan’s big 1st birthday bash a success even with decor.

5.  Sounds, Sights and smells – nothing beats an awesome smelling candle, fresh air, clean home, flowers from the garden and my favorite music station (an awesome playlist or fav pandora station):







6.  Remembering the things I do right… The hard work I do put in like still nursing Evan:



There have been countless times where I have thought to myself “why am I still doing this” as I hear the “whomp whomp whomp” in the background.  But looking back at my 10 + month nursing journey… I can honestly say I am so proud.  Evan’s first year of life has flown and I’m proud I put in the effort and am lucky it was so easy for me.  Sure I missed some nights out because I rather be home to nurse then make time for another pumping sesh, but it has all been worth it for me and I need to give myself credit instead of feeling annoyed at its inconveniences.

Each day I work towards letting the positive in and the negative out.  It is a daily battle.  Just remember you aren’t the only one who has bad days but you are the ninja in your life. Get moving, let toxic things go and sweat it out.

Treat yourself to something special.  Do things just for you.  Just because you are a mom, or have other crazy commitments doesn’t mean you can’t do things for yourself.  With that said… Some shopping, some yoga, and some cleaning.

Last night's awesome sunset from our bedroom. xoxox

Last night’s awesome sunset from our bedroom. xoxox

Stay happy, friends.

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