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Recovery: Little things for me.

I’ve been in a major funk lately as far as my personal life goes (i.e. me.  just me, not Hector and I, not Evan and I, not friends and I, not work and I – just I).  A huge part of it was my rib injury which I am still nursing.  Unreal.  Again, I wish I had a good story, alas I don’t.   This actually might go a bit beyond that.  I haven’t been taking any time for me.

Sure, I have bought a few supplemental pieces to my wardrobe, and gone to target and spent way too much money on things, but none of it was completely selfish.  Everything I have bought recently has been for Evan or the house.  Do I love buying for these two purposes, of course.  However, my hair, my eyebrows, my sanity… Haven’t had any time.  Again with my injury, my workouts have suffered.  Last night, I pulled out the weights and spent 15 minutes of pure awesomeness just loving weights again.

I struggle with being away from my little dude.  It isn’t because I think anyone is going to think I’m a bad mom if I’m away from him, quiet the contrary, I could really care less what other people think about how I parent.  As long as feel I’m doing the best I can do, and he is a happy healthy thriving baby… what more can I ask for?  Still, being away from him when I don’t have to be is super tough and because of that, I’m suffering in some important parts of my life… like workout world.  I can feel the lbs adding up and I refuse to step on the scale because I really feel like my dreams will be crushed.  So I’m taking baby steps and working it back into my routine since my ribs are FINALLY starting to feel better (still achy, totally achy and sore to the touch, but I can lift my arms and breath without pain, win!).

Anywho, this week a goal of mine is to make time for me.  Starting with, tonight.  I’m going to my first Bulls game of the season with a few of my favorite people while my little guy hangs at home with grandma.

Other goals I have this week:

Go for a run, in the cold with Oso
Make it to a yoga class
Make an eye appointment
Take a detox bath
Set up a massage appointment for my mom and I

Here is to an excellent start to the week.
Happy Monday!

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