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Sweetest Day Saturday

I hope you all had a sweet sweetest day!  Ours was off to a busy start:

Up at at’em early to trek over to the [hopefully] new casa, we got in a few sweetie day photos first:

It seems like every year for the past couple years, I have added a sweetie.  First it was Hector, then Oso, now I also have Evan.  Pretty sweet if you ask me.

Hector and I enjoyed some coffee and then were off:

The inspection at the house went pretty well.  I LOVE our Realtor  any time I spend with her is a good time.  She keeps telling us how excited she is that we found something so nice in our price range.  It  really is a good starter home.  Things can always fall through with Short-Sales so we still have our fingers crossed it will work out.  There are some fixes that need to be done, but when you buy an older home that is to be expected.

We meant to carve these bad boys today:

But, they will live to see another complete pumpkin day, because we spent a lot of time with this pumpkin, instead:

It is crazy to think that almost exactly a year ago, he was starting to be baked and now he is here with us, happy as a clam and enjoying his first Halloween pajama set.  Our little Gap kid, his hat? I die. Too cute.  Daddy even got in some naptime with him today:

I mean really, could life get much better than this?  I don’t think so.

Evan was in such a good mood today, so we just enjoyed him.  Hector and I also snuck out of grandma’s house to grab some groceries for the week.  Our short little date was special, he even held my hand 😉 — Weekends together are rare, so we really try to make sure we enjoy them as much as we can even though they are always filled with running around.  There is no one I’d rather run around with though.  He’s a good time.

Evan’s 13 weeks old today.  How did that happen?  Tomorrow is his 3 month old birthday.  HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?  So I’ll be updating with some teary moments…

Today I was looking at videos of him at around two weeks old and I was sad and happy.  Sad because he has grown so much and happy, because he has grown so much.  I think only other parents can understand that.

We are really loving life over here when we are all together.  Being at work is still so hard but I just try to soak up my little guy as much as I can, these moments are fleeting.

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