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Focus On: Goals

So the time as come, to stop thinking about all things baby and to start planting some seed goals. Something I have learned recently?  New baby makes it quite difficult to focus these days.  I’m totally guilty of having an intention, and then it flies out of my brain.  Although I have a baby who is fairly good sleeper I still get up once a night to feed him and have some pretty crazy anxiety that makes me feel like I cannot sleep.  So I’ve been doing some yoga breathing and stretching at night, need to remember to incorporate some tea, and Enya Pandora station anyone?  Hello. Yes!  Or my lullaby radio, haha, seriously I know but I am a parent these days!

Anywho, I’m not one for personal selling, in fact I am usually the one who gets annoyed when someone pushes Mary Kay or Avon.  I’m not pushy.  That is why I loved working at lululemon for that brief period (before my baby made me a sickly sleepy zombie) – we didn’t push products, we educated.  I love that.  I loved people walking into the store, listening to their story and figuring out what products may work for them and why.  If they didn’t buy anything, that was ok because the next time they walked in they would have a little more information on what they might need for their goals.  I loved learning about the clothes that worked better for yoga (luon) and why… and why power luxtreme is a dream to wear while running and the silverscent was anti-stink because I know someone who sweats A LOT *coughsMecoughs* – I hope someday my path is one that brings me back to this company because it really is something I enjoyed and something I believed in.  lululemon was HUGE on goals which was right with my personal view on them.  Goal setting is an extremely powerful tool, it helps envision the future in a positive way and helps you work daily toward shorterm/midterm/longterm goals.  By-when dates help hold us accountable, so I need to jump back on this train.  Checkout a little bit of how lululemons do goals:  here. (Yeah there is a reason lululemon is all over my wishlist for birthday gifts lol)

I could write a whole blog on goal writing tools, and I truly believe in them.  But after I got pregnant instead of re-evaluating goals (it is ok, things change!  Your goals can too, just revisit and readjust) I was living one day at a time trying to figure out how the HECK I was going to be a working mom.  I still have no answer to that…

Yesterday I met with my Aunt Lori.  She sells Market America products.  What I loved about her presentation is that she is so passionate (like to the point of tears) about what she does.  She really believes the products sell themselves and she just seeks to educate people on the product.  She doesn’t go door to door telling random people about the 100s of products they have.  If she sees someone in church, or a neighbor who starts talking about feeling uncomfortable she simply educates them on something that might help.  If that person is really looking to try something that may help they buy it and when they see results, my Aunt doesn’t need to say anything else about the product… it sells itself.  I’m not going to start selling anything right now, but I figured I’d try a product or two that speaks to me.  They have a huge nutrition line, which is HUGE in my book because as much as I try to get everything I need from my diet, some things are just very hard to get daily.  So I’m starting with a gift she gave me for my baby shower, prenatal vitamins and I will see if I see a noticeable difference with them.  I wanted to start today, but they are supposed to be taken on an empty stomach (opposite of what I’m used to) so tomorrow that starts.  I’d never attempt to educate on something I didn’t believe in and if I find this product can change lives… then maybe I’d consider selling it but for now I’ll see how this goes and just read more about it.

Why did I mention that above?  Because one of my 5 year goals is to be quiet comfortable financially.  I need to be able to build for my son’s education and our retirement and right now, that isn’t happening to the degree it needs to be.  I realize I’m young but I’m still very uncomfortable with this idea.

So I’m goal setting.  Short term health, professional and personal goals as well as mid-term and long-term for those three.  I start with the long and work backwards so that my mid-goals and short-term goals work towards my long-term goals.  I’m also going to create a vision board.  I hope to find the time to do this today but my by-when date for that is Sunday.  Having a general idea where you are going is better then fumbling around blind in my book.  Isn’t it obvious goals like this will be in my future:

This time last year I was prepping for a 20 mile run!

I have a little guy that is counting on me… I don’t want to let him down and I don’t want to let myself down.  That is why I’m planning not just professional goals but personal and health (personal like, I’ll read a book a month or write a book, travel!).

Are you a goal setter?  Do you look forward to reaching goals 30 days out, 5 years out and 10?  

Personal goal 10 years out?  Have traveled to 5 countries (better get started, that means a new country every other year!).

Health goal 10 years out? Have run at least 2 more Marathons or Triathlons (health goal Mid term is to have completed a Tri) – I really want Evan to know how important personal health is.  How exercise and diet can keep you strong and healthy both mentally and physically.  I hope that he is an Olympian in the future, ❤ but that is a dream of mine… He gets to pick his own dreams but I get to plant some healthy seeds.

Major lifetime goal?  To be a good mom.  To teach my son that mistakes are made, but you can come back from them.  Goals sometimes aren’t met, but if you worked towards them and things change… THAT IS OK!  I want him to love life.  I want him to enjoy many sunsets and Bears games 😉

Speaking of my little love, he is making noises for me… ❤


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