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We did it…

Yep first 5k post baby.  It is in the books.


It was exactly as I expected:  wonderful and slow – but that is OK!  I stopped a couple times the first time when I saw my husband and baby in the crowd.  I had to run to them and give them both kisses, the second time was to slow down for my sister and the third time was when I stopped for a bit of water.  In the midst of feeding the baby, pumping his next meal, getting dressed and packing up I forgot to drink water… not even a sip. Ooops.

Our super early start – it was still very dark and my baby was still very asleep…

It was awesome to be back in the race atmosphere, it reminded me that I can still do things, just for me.  Other nice thing?  My baby enjoyed it:


I couldn’t believe how slow I was but all I kept thinking was that I wish I was prepared for the half marathon that was going on during our 5k.  This lady is definately going to be working on her speed and mileage because I’m totally doing a least a half next season.  For now, I’ll fill up this race season with a couple more 5ks and hopefully just improve for each one.  After all, it is about getting fit and learning to balance my life as a  new mother and runner/fitness junkie.

It was also an opportunity to let my husband take care of baby for an hour plus without me.  He even got to enjoy the rare bottle feeding that happens these days:


I promise… I’m learning to share my little dude, even with his daddy.  Every day I think a make a little (very little) progress.

We also ran into a lovely familiar face, Patrick!  He did the half, we were very proud:

Today I got an email, that said tomorrow tickets for next year’s half marathon go on sale.  First 200 get 50% off… I’m going to stop by the site and definately sign up if I’m one of those lucky 200… I mean hey it is meant to be.

All in all it was a wonderful Sunday that started with a great run.  Another super high point yesterday was was the Bears win.


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