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Post Prego Body – 1 1/2 Month

Hello blog world.

Well, it is nuts, but one month and a couple weeks has passed since my little guy arrived.  So crazy hard to believe.  Over the past 6 weeks and few days, I haven’t focused on my post prego body much at all.  I’ve been living it up with my little man.  Although I daydreamed about workouts post baby while pregnant and immediately after.  I’m taking it super slow and setting very small goals for myself.

each day I cry because he isn’t this tiny anymore…
But I also smile because of how healthy and happy he is ❤

My handsome son and I at farmers’ market – he was 5 weeks old in this picture.

Here is the deal.  While I was pregnant I gained 23 lbs (according to my doctor) and the last week (40-40.6) I didn’t weigh myself so I’m assuming I was more at like the 26-28 lb range (that extra week was ROUGH, and food was my thing because many of the “inducing” things included food so everyone around me was stuffing my face).  According to my scale I did loose quite a bit of weight after the baby about 17 lbs.  Although, according to my doctor I only need to loose 6 lbs to be at my pre-preg weight, while looking at my body it is more like the 10-15lbs to get to where I was.  I’m sure I lost a ton of muscle mass and that is why the numbers are so off (muscle weights more than fat, and I haven’t and won’t be doing a body fat test for a while, but know I was on the lower end of the body fat scale for a woman pre-baby).  So, my goal is 10-15 lbs for now.  As I loose the weight I’ll adjust, for me the number on the scale doesn’t mean the world anymore.  This is because at my lightest I was skinny-fat.  My body was slim but I didn’t have much enurance or muscle.  My happiest was when I was eating when I was hungry and not focusing on the scale but on how clothes fit and how I felt.

My 25th Birthday – almost exactly a year ago… I was happy at this weight about 135-137 (with a lotta muscles for the Marathon 😉 )

I’ve started to run a LITTLE bit.  One issue I didn’t think I was going to have, that I do have is separation anxiety.  Maybe it is because I know I am going to return to week in less than five weeks but I don’t like my little man out of my range.  I went for a run the day before yesterday and couldn’t focus on anything but running back to him.  I have a 5k around the corner and it is going to be a rough one.  I definitely will NOT beat myself up if my time is higher than in the past because I will be giving myself a pat on the back that I was able to spend some time away from my son.

lace them up!

My wonderful husband got me this awesome push gift that I’m excited to get the hang of (I should skim the manual):

It is a polar heart-rate monitor and I’m excited to have an exact calorie burn and I’m excited to know my heart rate and focus on a healthy burn.

Post prego body with my 5 week old. (taken the weekend before labor day)

I’m a bit of a fitness clothing junkie, and I’m not too happy how any of my old things fit right now (they will get there) so to assist in my weight-loss goal I have promised myself one piece of lululemon clothing for every 5lbs I loose (I’d like some cool racerbacks because my boobs are so big I can wear my own sports bra, and they look good fitted and a bit loose) and my size 6 (lululemon’s small) pants fit comfortably (thank goodness for stretch) and so I’m confident that any money spent will be will spent 🙂 – I also hope that my hubby remembers they are on my birthday gift wishlist 😉 — Other fitness favs?  Nike (clothing & shoes, of course), underarmor (they have great warm gear, but so does lulu), Brooks (shoes), Gap Body (for yoga). ❤

Wish me luck!  Right now I’m focusing on cardio (mainly running, because of the few races I’ll be participating in), weight training and very clean eating.  I will also throw a DVD or two into the mix (I love Jillian, “get comfortable with being uncomfortable” – love) – did you guys hear she is returning the the biggest loser?!  This one right here is very excited!! I also am in love with the fitnessista’s burners and tabata workouts.

My running buddy ❤ – he loves watermelon just as much as I do.

Well enough of my mixed rambling… I hope to become more coherent in my blogs in the future, but I seem to still have baby brain.  With that said, I’m going to go snuggle with my son and listen to our Jewel Lullaby CD (ipod lol) together before figuring out what to do with the rest of this day.

Stay tuned for my [this] mommy’s must haves.

Belly picture — I really didn’t think I’d miss it… but I do. But now I’m focusing on the awesome memory of it and watching my body transform back – taking it slowly – one day at a time.

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