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Best Feeling In the World

Note to self:  Remember to live each day by each second.  Soak it in.

I find myself getting anxious (I’m talking serious anxiety) about returning to work.  How can I leave my little baby boy?  I look into his sweet face and think to myself, “this is exactly where he belongs, in my arms.”  But, reality is, my husband and I are a dual income family.  I need to return to work.  So instead I’m trying to think, “God this is amazing, this moment right now.”

The best moments of my life so far… look like this

And it is.  I honestly have never been happier.  I know I’m still young, but nothing sounds more perfect to me right now than cuddling with my sweet baby as he peacefully sleeps on my chest wrapped close to me in the Moby… As he hears my heartbeat and we listen to Jewel lullaby together.  No glass of wine, or night out could ever top these moments and I hope I hold onto this feeling forever, because it is amazing.

baby limbs ❤

Today my sweet baby is five weeks old.  My heart flutters with happiness and sadness at this.  It means that my world has been complete for 5 weeks, but it also means I’m that much closer to returning to work.  I just need to remember all the things I can give my baby when I return to work, but sometimes I like to dream about all him needing is me, and that I can stay home with him forever. ❤

What else am I grateful for today?  I know I say this in every post, but my gratitude to my friends (or extended family) and family knows no bounds.  This journey wouldn’t be the same without them.  Although I don’t wish away these early moments, the future looks bright for my little guy. Especially with his cousin Jack, who will teach him all about the sharks, cars and how to work remotes ❤

Happy Saturday Friends.  Soak up every single moment… Stop trying to live in the future.  Living in the present is SO MUCH better.  It is so much HAPPIER and a lot easier to enjoy today’s moments than tomorrows maybe (not guaranteed) bad moments.  This is just another wonderful lesson my sweet baby has taught me, who would have thought he would teach ME so much, I thought I was supposed to be teaching him 😉 – Turn on the Jewel lullaby CD and smell some flowers, haha.

Off to the farmer’s market this AM and looking forward to sharing it with my little man!  Any fun plans for your weekend?!

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