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For the Moms

This Mother’s Day is especially important to me.  As I read blog after blog, and book after book.  Search Google for the best baby items, breastfeeding advice and how to keep your little one safe (both in pregnancy and after) I can’t help but have anxiety that I will do something wrong, as a parent.  I also can’t help but have a new more profound respect for all the mothers out there.  I can only imagine the worrying becomes magnified when you are actually holding the little one in your arms, watching them take their first steps, running around the house, playing contact sports, DRIVING… I mean the anxiety probably can be quiet overwhelming.

To those moms out there who live for their children (like my mom does to this day), God bless you.  You are all amazing.  Mom’s don’t get enough credit both stay at home moms and working moms, both need to sacrifice so much for their little ones (I’m sure it is all worth it) but in my opinion Mother’s day could be every day.  I’m glad we do get one day a year to recognize these beautiful women for all they do.  It isn’t easy from what I have seen as an outsider, but it also looks as though the rewards are boundless.

Especially to my mom:  My mom gave me such a wonderful childhood filled with special events, sports, happy holidays and unforgettable memories.  Even yesterday at dinner, she was radaiting love and happiness when I was having a blue moment, and I couldn’t help but be captivated by her spirit.  She did such an amazing job raising us, and I hope I can give a fraction of what she has given my family to my son.  She is the most compassionate person I have ever met, when she loves, she loves unconditionally… She is going to be such an amazing grandma to Evan and she is such a great grandma to my Oso.

Mom, I love you more then words can ever do justice.  This year, even though I didn’t think it was possible, I’m more grateful to you then ever.  Thank you for being such a blessing.


Thanks for teaching me what a true family is all about. xoxo


  1. Beautiful! You’re going to be a wonderful momma too! It is so awesome how once you create a child of your own it is so much easier to see how much your momma loves you. Once you love your own child so fiercely everything your mom has ever done for you becomes so much clearer. 🙂 At least I think so! Now I know how much MY mom loves ME! Because I feel it in how much I love Jack!

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