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My First Baby

Around Februrary two years ago, my now husband, then boyfriend brought home my first baby:

Baby Oso

When he first came home, I was finishing up my Bachelor’s degree and working, and I was way less than thrilled.  I had had animals in the past, and although I love them so much, and rescuing a puppy is an amazing thing to do, it is also not an easy task.  The Type A in me immediately began to calculate costs, and freak out about potty training.  Not only was potty training NOT a fun task, neither was his puppy cravings for all things he shouldn’t chew:  corners of armories, flip flops, extension cords, ipod AND laptop cords (my sister was really upset about this one), my niece’s Barbies… to name a few.

This was Oso's favorite treat, you can totally tell he is ours. ❤

Every second of frustration has not compared to the complete overwhelming love I have for this animal.  He is truly part of the family and a real momma’s boy.  Every day I fall asleep with the most loyal loving animal on the planet and wake up to someone who I never have to ask twice for some love (the Hubs likes to sleep in, Oso is a ball of love who looks forward to when I wake him up).  He enjoys just curling up next to me, listening to me blow dry my hair in the bathroom and looks forward to the days when the peanut butter runs out (I buy Trader Joe’s Natural Peanut butter, it comes in a plastic container so when it is just about done I treat him to the remainder of the peanut butter, we don’t like to waste food in our house and he gets it cleaner then if I were to put it in the dishwasher).

Right before the Marathon, he really was a great, great running partner (I'd use him on speed training days, he never let me down or let me feel bad when I knew I was having bad day).

I gush as if he is my child, because in a very real sense he is treated that way.  With the new addition to the family I often get asked how Oso will react, although we have no way of knowing exactly, I have faith he will love Evan just as much as he loves us.  Hector (the Hubs) and I have already discussed that we need to make it a priority to continue to give him love, even if it is Hector that needs to ask someone to come help… Oso LOVES my mother, he absolutely adores her, so I have a feeling she will be instrumental in keeping him one happy pup, me one happy daughter and my son one spoiled rotten grandchild.  I just want to be clear that he is a member of the family, and even if we need to help to give him the love and attention he deserves, we will strive to make that happen, it is one of our priorities.

Oso, Mommy, Baby

For now, this is more of an introduction to Oso post, because he is such a large part of our lives, I will share all the special things we do with him and how we strive to keep his diet in check and the research we have done for our little ball of allergies (he is so sensitive, allergic to everything).

I’ll also introduce you to his best friend, Gandolf.  They are the best of buds:

Oso & Gandolf


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