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Evan is Seven

Per my last blog… Evan is now seven.  I have no clue how this happened, honestly.  Having kids really puts your life into hyper speed nothing NOTHING NOTHING tells you the time is passing quite like growing children.

This is the first time several years we weren’t going on vacation for Evan’s birthday.  His summertime bday is a great time to give myself a break on planning a party and take the family on vacation instead.  Parties can be expensive and stressful so we’ve opted out of them.  This year being 100 months pregnant for Evan’s birthday a vacation was out of the question.

So this year we decided to do a SMALL last minute party for my special guy. EvIs7_-26

It was literally a perfect day. From cold and rainy to hot and sunshine for pool time. It was thrown together in a day too.  I had told literally two family friends “hey can you come to my mom’s for a pool party?”


and both came through the way amazing friends do.  Evan had the best time just splashing around and celebrating with special people.

EvIs7_-8There were bubbles, people ate pizza, strawberries, watermelon and of course we did a fun festive cake:


Evan asked everyone to help blow out his candles ❤ – we sang happy birthday opened a couple gifts and just enjoyed each other’s company.

Literally the perfect day.  Evan even let me take some pictures:


and this guy helped so much:

EvIs7_-47Not pictured is my saint family, especially my mom who hosted the event.  She is such a blessing.  We are so lucky to have her and so lucky to spend so much time with her.  I love that my boys have such amazing memories with our friends and family we are truly surrounded by the best human beings on the planet and as baby day draws closer I reflect so much on this simple truth: family and friends are everything.

Of course we wanted many other people to share the day with us, but our small homes and last minute planning is what allowed this to fall together perfectly and unstressfully.

Evan is SEVEN!  Crazy.


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