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Train Thoughts 10.4

I’m not putting the year on this post because it’s 10/4 – get it? Ha. Anyway.

Today I have a dentist appointment so I’m on an earlier train than normal about to hurl. The amount of anxiety that goes into my dentist appointments is serious. The amount of anxiety in my life in general is an issue but especially tied to doctor visits.

Babies and dogs don’t even make me feel better about it for more than 3 seconds. 

Anyone else have this?  Last year I had BOATLOADS of work done.  Two gum surgeries, two root canals and 6 grand later (thank god for insurance- something around 2k out of pocket) I also have receding gums and I very likely grid or clench my teeth at night (probably due to anxiety and stress… full circle?). Awesome. My doctors are amazing.  No joke, the office staff is friendly and I even go every 4 months!  My teeth just suck so I just hate it and literally dread it for weeks.

I’m writing this to tell you if you have fear you are not alone and it’s perfectly ok!  Even for us waterpik, sonicare, listerine loving folks.  Hector? He doesn’t need to even brush his teeth they are like diamonds. Me I look at sweets and have a cavity. Wish me luck as I’m off to find more funny memes for my next train Thoughts post.


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