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Phew! An Update.

Hi Friends!

Long time no chat.  Things have been perfectly crazy here.  I would never want it any other way.  I’ve been focusing on a few things.  Thought I’d share one of those with you!

JLM Photography!  I’ve always stressed that it is so important to be fit in both body and mind. Life is all about finding balance and while this will undoubtedly add to my imbalance – I’m excited.  Nothing takes me away more than watching people live – watch smiles, interactions.  Getting that perfect shot that shows REAL LIFE.  It’s always going to be somewhat staged when there is a goal of a picture but getting those moments that show the personality of a child.  Or the love of a relationship.  The excitement of it all.


This was inspired by a photographer – now friend of mine – Shannon.  Almost TWO years ago she took pictures of my itty baby. The joy, love, happiness I feel from those shots have inspired me to do this. So thank you Shannon.  I love you.

Stay tuned friends!

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