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Girl on the Train 12.15.15

Hashtag.iLoveHim no really. 

Christmas shopping lesbehonest- you hate me.  Or I hate you?  Thing is, I love giving but finding the time to figure out the best gift sometimes is time consuming. Kids, no problem, everyone else, problem. 

It’s like I can’t stop procrastinating!! Ugh. #stopwiththeexcuses 

Random of the day:  schooled co-workers on the legume-peanut, seed-quinoa not grain front. Should have been a dietian. Maybe I wouldn’t have had 3 cookies today #officefat #nursingmakesmecravesweets 

On a sad note, I crave sugar less bc Michael is nursing less.  It’s so freaking bittersweet it’s unbelievable.  Happy to have the freedom, he is thriving. Sad because just like that my baby isn’t such a baby.

Did I mention I love my boys?

What’s on everyone’s agenda this evening?  I’m going home to be with the kiddos, put them to bed, do arms and abs and some yoga flows.  I’ve been rockin Childs pose.  Something about it just feels right.  On then mend. 

Ever listen to train conversations?  đŸ‘€

Some stories are better than others just like some blog posts are better than others. 

Thanks for reading the ramblings of this train girl. #adios

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