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Happy Birthday, Michael Alexander

Sweet and spicy, shy and funny, absolutely stunning.

My sweet little Michael, today you turn ONE.

One is everything.

A year ago I held you in my arms, a snuggly little baby 7lbs 10oz, 19 inches long and 7 days past your due date:


Today you are a walking, talking (uh oh, hec-tor, mama, and all the parrot-like other things you say to take my breath away). You have been a nursing champ! We’ve made it a year. I’m so very proud of my little dude.  You have made our family totally complete, you were so meant to be.

As much as I miss newborn snuggles, I love your hugs and open mouth kisses.  I love when you come to me “ma ma ma ma ma” with hands raised.  I love the way you smile, laugh, and you sweet little bunny teeth (as Evan calls them).  Your temper is something else too, not sure where it came from and I know I say it is cute now but it might not be so cute later 😉 – but for now I enjoy your expressive personality.

Happy Birthday, off to Enjoy your first day as a ONE year old.


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