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6 Months

Dear Michael, 

Today you are 6 months. It’s amazing how much you have already contributed to the happiness of our family.  God knew we needed you in our lives and I feel so proud to be your momma.  You are my amazing baby!  You are the light of our lives.  Your brother absolutely adores you and you make me cry happy tears.  You are daddy’s mini me and I’m reminded of that fact daily.    

You love to smile and you soak in all around you.  You are super content until you are hungry.  You sleep really well most evenings it’s funny because nap time with you is impossible you are such a lite sleeper during the day but at night around 8 you really disconnect and fall into a deep peaceful sleep where I just cuddle close next to you and just soak up being near you.   

You are a nursing champion, and a bottle guru.  Just like Evan you are pretty much over the pacifier at 6 months. You have sooooo many parallels of your brother it’s hard not to compare you two.  I knew he set a super high bar but so far you are just as amazing as he was and I fee so incredibly lucky.  You want to be in the Moby or Ergo or in someone’s arms and I’m always happy to oblige:


We have tried to give you banana and avacado and you aren’t completely ready just yet.  You push it out of your mouth but we will slowly introduce you to solids now that you are 6 months.

You are getting ready for your first trip!  Momma has a work trip and Auntie Nicole is tagging along with you bc God knows I’m not prepared to be away from my little man for 3 nights! 

You smile with your eyes! You giggle and babble and are fascinated by so many things. I’m blown away by your coordination.  You are so smooth and calculated and you can roll all over the place.  If I ever put you down you could scoot around.  Not crawling yet but that’s probably my fault for always putting you in someone’s arms.  I’m in denial that you are 6 months.  I never thought it was possible for time to speed up.  But right when I think that, it does.

Back with some fancy pictures soon, time to eat some tacos and snuggle with you little love.  happy half birthday to you!!



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