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Train thoughts PM edition 

Today has been:


But warm! 

I hussled to work early, to leave early but you know how that story goes.  The best laid plans, if you will.

My mind is racing over my to do list and as I try to keep calm on this incredibly warm ride (is the HEAT on?) I also have this anxiety that I need to get home to my boys hashtag i always feel guilty being away. 


Babies don’t stay babies.  I hope they know that everyday is a struggle being away. 

I hope to write more on depression in upcoming blogs.  Not to be a downer or even realistic which is so me but to bring awareness to the normalcy of it and the huge problem I think it is across women… Especially mothers and mothers to be.  More on that later.  For now I’m going to close this out an be thankful it gave me several minutes of mental focus on the task at hand-typing a blog. Boom. 

Not going for quality or quantity I’m working on habits right now and that habit is utilizing the nice new wordpress app, great for on the go! Thanks guys! Excuse me I’m off to jump in puddles and sing in the rain!

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