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The Battle.

Hi friends.  I was reminded yesterday it has been far too long since I’ve updated.  Why?  IDK because life is cray.  My boys (all four of them) need me constantly.  I’m back at work, trying to fit in sweat seshs, cuddle time, photo time, me time, clean time.  I’m basically doing 100 things a day and only get to slow down when these dudes tell me, ok – quality me time… I mean how can you resist these “mom. what are you doing?  Pick me up already” faces:


I’m blissfully happy most of the time, totally rushed all the time and a maniac part of the time.  Ha.  My mind races with the things I should be doing vs. the things I am doing and I complain too much about not enough hours in the day – complain less, do more is one of the things I repeat to myself when the dark ninja starts karate chopping my positive brain waves into useless depressing ones.  Multitasking is the only option (as I nurse and type) most of the time and I have been powering down a lot (no fb, no phone, texts, emails, etc… it has to wait).  The one thing my dudes help me with tremedously is helping me do what is most important, first.  I enjoy my endless rambling blog posts, really love taking pictures and really love my clean eats and workouts so that’s why I’m trying to fit in blog time.  I can totally see why people love being newborn/baby/child photographers.. they really do make the very best subjects (drool and all):


Here comes the battle part.  Fitting in everything.  Does it happen? Nope.  Do I try my best? Yep.  What keeps me sane?  who knows. I’m learning more and more where I need to put effort.  For instance, I need a cleaning lady.  Why?  Because it isn’t worth 5-6 hours of my weekend to wash baseboards, floors, bathrooms and windows.  So that’s on my to-do list.  Sure they might not do the perfect job like I would do, but too bad that’s 5-6 hours less quality time with my dudes. I also need to continue my purge.  I’m a big non clutter, organized person. Clean clutter free house=happy Jen.  Dirty clutter filled disorganized house=scary Jen (trust me no one likes that person, I know, hard to believe I can be unlikable hahahaha).  Yet babies and adults come with SO. MUCH. STUFF. So I’m trying to be better about getting rid of/donating things.  If I pick up a shirt or a pair of pants and I have to think for more than two seconds if it is something I will wear – out it goes.  If it is something too big for me now (happy dance) or I hate the way it fits and only wear it bc I can’t find something clean – OUT IT GOES!!  For the kids if I think it looks too small for my giants E or MAV, to a plastic bin THAT goes.  I don’t have time to do wasted laundry and I refuse to fold things that will get shuffled around in drawers and sit there for months.  (clearly THAT has never happened….)  I much rather pick up my camera and shoot 5 minutes of feet than shuffle through drawers and closets for things to wear:


I’m going to wrap up this part of my battle as E is getting restless MAV needs a nap and I need to assemble myself into a human for the rest of the day.

Back soon.  Thanks for reading my random ramblings.


(evan not pictured because he doesn’t stay still.)


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